MERS CoV: Deadly SARS-Like Virus Spreads To France And Saudi Arabia


Deadly SARS-Like Virus Spreads To France And Saudi Arabia

Looks like Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) may have some competition…

The H7N9 bird flu virus in China isn’t the only scary new virus on the docket this spring.

A second new virus, similar to SARS and named Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS CoV), has been popping up in the Middle East since last summer and was first described in the New England Journal of Medicine in November.

The virus is a coronavirus, the same family of viruses that unleashed SARS a decade ago. SARS infected 8,273 people and caused 775 deaths worldwide.

It is making waves this week as recent cases have been found in France and 13 new cases have been announced in the past couple weeks, according to Science Magazine.

The virus has killed a total of 18 people, according to FluTrackers. While the number of people infected by this new virus is low, 33 according to reports, there’s concern over a few clusters of cases that could indicate that the virus can be transmitted easily between people.

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2 Responses to “MERS CoV: Deadly SARS-Like Virus Spreads To France And Saudi Arabia”
  1. neidermeyer says:

    When I saw the title I was instantly thinking that banksters had pulled the MERS stunt in Saudi Arabia and were scheduled for beheadings..

  2. Sarah says:

    MERS is sophisticated malware, technically speaking. But if we measure the “human casualties” as a result of the use of MERS, perhaps we can draw a connection to an actual infectious agent in the wild. A computer virus is a computer program that can replicate itself and spread from one computer to another.

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