Fla. Foreclosure Workgroup Questioned, Called Bias

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Fla. foreclosure workgroup questioned, called bias

A handful of foreclosure defense attorneys are raising issues with the foreclosure reduction plan recommended by the Foreclosure Initiative Workgroup.

Some said they were unaware the workgroup of judges and court administrators had even been assembled and are concerned they weren’t given a chance to have input about the report.

Royal Palm Beach-based foreclosure defense attorney Tom Ice said there were a few items in the report that struck him as “wrong-minded,” including an assertion that dismissing a foreclosure that isn’t ready for a hearing is only a temporary fix.

“Yes, the bank can refile, but only once and only if the statute of limitations has not expired,” Ice said. “After dismissal, they then have incentive to move the second case along so as not to get dismissed permanently. The threat of dismissal for lack of prosecution even gives them incentive to move the first case along because they have to pay the other side’s attorneys’ fees and the re-filing fees.
Calling such dismissals ‘temporary’ is an attempt to rationalize a deep-seated, maybe even subconscious, bias.”

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2 Responses to “Fla. Foreclosure Workgroup Questioned, Called Bias”
  1. I understand most Americans’ collective naivety on the subject of foreclosurefraud. Most Americans have not a clue what really transpired this last decade in regards to (the banks’) fraudulent lending, fraudulent servicing, fraudulent securitization, and fraudulent foreclosure practices. If you will take just (only) 20 minutes to review the facts, maybe you will become enlightened by the TRUTH.

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    All of you reading this should be ashamed of any American who does not have a full grip on the fascism overcoming America today.

    Most Tea Partiers, Libertarians, and Paulista’s, the true backbone of American Liberties(?), have yet to realize that socialism and communism aren’t the real threat to our freedoms today. The real threat is fascism (as disguised in the cloak of socialism/communism), but most Americans can’t wrap their minds around the fact that we are a fascist country at this point. How could our collective cognitive dissonance allow us to actually believe that we are actually traveling in the same political/economic/social direction that our greatest
    generation fought against in regards to fighting against Hitler and Mussolini?

    Fascism annexes corporatism and vice versa.

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    Property confiscation by “lawful” means is still property confiscation. Just ask the Jews, Poles, etc…

  2. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Why should we be surprised Tom Ice that the courts have snuck behind our backs? They do it openly in court and get away with it. They are just like the bankstas who continue their abuses of the legal system and have no accountability. Same with the Judges! 7 long and frustrating years I have been fighting my foreclosure and time after time the plaintiffs (Chase) have cancelled the trial. It is just beyond all imaginable nightmares!

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