Chris Hayes: Death by foreclosure: This Week’s Real Scandal

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Death by foreclosure: This week’s real scandal

Chris Hayes details the story of a man who died in court trying to get his home back, after the bank foreclosed on him, after a subcontractor erroneously said he owed back property taxes.  The incredibly sad story is followed by the story of a program that actually helps struggling homeowners.


3 Responses to “Chris Hayes: Death by foreclosure: This Week’s Real Scandal”
  1. Grace C Bonacorsi says:

    At least one reporter is willing to keep this story in the news. So many have moved on but for those of us going through this nightmare, it is comforting to at least have this one voice. Thank you.

  2. gwen caranchini says:

    Things as outrageous as this happen every day but even MSNBC has refused to do an ongoing study or piece on the foreclosure crisis. Where are the pieces on what Elizabeth Warren is doing, or a piece on Dimon being put back by the bank for another term, or the horrible fact that people are made to pay for mortgages already paid off by any number of sources, and on and on and on. Mainstream media and even msnbc is refusing to continually address this problem which every day turns up another case that is outrageous. Read what is coming out of the rocket dockets in Florida or the case in California that came out recently where the homeowner won against boa because he was paying too much money. I don’t see Rachel Maddow or Chris Mathews or anyone else doing a daily piece on this for five monutes of the latest outrage. I’m disgusted. Track a case through the system and show the abuse by judges who refuse to follow the law. Track the State Supreme Court cases against MERS. Do you KNOW who MERS is? Nothing of any substance. The real foreclosure crisis is what is going on in the courts and how the big banks are getting away with theft from the american public daily without anyone reporting on it.

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