HB87 (Speedy Foreclosure Bill) Sent to the Governor

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HB87 (Speedy Foreclosure Bill) Sent to the Governor

At 11:08am Tuesday morning, Florida lawmakers have signed off on House Bill 87, the speedy foreclosure bill, and have presented it to Governor Rick Scott.  Now the clock starts.  He has fifteen days to take one of three actions; sign the bill, ignore the bill or VETO the bill.  The only action that will stop this bill from passing and becoming a Florida law is for the governor to VETO the bill.  If he signs it or ignores it, it WILL become law that affects us all.  Please dedicate a few minutes again this week to voice your opposition to the “faster, more bank-friendly foreclosure process” that will become law if Governor Rick Scott does not veto the bill.  The bill, House Bill 87, was voted by both the Florida state House and Senate.  Our elected officials in the state legislature passed these bills with a great majority in favor.

This is our last chance to make any impact Even if you took this action last week, please again this week take five minutes to call AND email Governor Scott and tell him to VETO HO– USE BILL 87!  Remember to give your name and county in Florida.

1)      Call (850) 488-7146 – Press 1 – Hold for a few minutes to speak to a staff member.  Speaking personally to one of the Governor’s legislative staff is best but if you are pressed for time, you can press 5 to be directed to a voice mail so you can leave a message that the Governor VETO HO– USE BILL 87!

2)      Email  rick.scott@eog.myflorida.com to VETO HO– USE BILL 87!

3)      Sign the Petition.  Click here.

4)      Encourage others to call and email Governor Scott on this issue.  The more Floridians opposed to this bill the better chance he’ll VETO it.  He wants to get re-elected and there are a LOT of Floridian voters struggling with mortgage debt.



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  1. Ali says:

    Don’t look now but the “speedy foreclosure” bill is at work in every state and the dirty tricks too, like having a spillover courtroom and telling people that they are not on the docket when they ARE! Also mediators lying about plaintiff appearances, whats next? They keep changing the rules in the middle of the game.

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