Forger Arrested and Charged with 8 Felony Counts for Filing Fraudulent Real Estate Document in a Foreclosure Action


Man Arraigned on Real Estate Fraud Charges

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – A Moreno Valley man suspected of committing real estate fraud was arraigned last week on multiple counts of Forgery and Procuring and Offering False or Forged Instrument.

Stefan Mahaley, 52, is suspected of forging and filing several fraudulent real estate documents at the San Bernardino County Recorder’s Office, which is a felony offense in the State of California.

“During the course of our investigation, it was discovered that Mr. Mahaley had purchased a home in the City of Fontana, which eventually went into foreclosure and was sold to a new buyer through a public auction,” said Senior Investigator Jaime Samaniego, who is assigned to the case.

According to Samaniego, after the sale was complete, the defendant allegedly filed fraudulent documents granting the property back to him in an attempt to reclaim the home.

Following the investigation, the District Attorney’s Office filed eight felony counts against Mahaley and he was arrested without incident May 14 by investigators from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office at his place of employment in Los Angeles.

Mahaley was transported to San Bernardino County and booked at the West Valley Detention Center.

If convicted as charged, Mahaley faces 7 years and 8 months in state prison. Deputy District Attorney Vance Welch will prosecute this case. 




21 Responses to “Forger Arrested and Charged with 8 Felony Counts for Filing Fraudulent Real Estate Document in a Foreclosure Action”
  1. Laura says:

    This was done every day during the Great Depression

  2. Bank crimes are legal the little guy trying to keep his house gets nailed. Not suggesting breaking the law, but the banks do, this is discrimination.

  3. The judges should be ruling thousands of counts against foreclosures fraud docs.

  4. People's Lawyer says:

    This is a perfect case for the defense of selective prosecution. Google “selective prosecution.”
    It can be a defense to a crime if the person charged can show that he (or she) did something that countless others have done without facing prosecution. Vindictive prosecution is another interesting defense. That defense requires a showing that the person is being prosecuted for exercising a constitutionally protected right or that the prosecutor has a malevolent personal interest in the prosecution. Who was harmed by this homeowner’s protest of a forgery scheme by which his home was very likely first illegally taken from him? What is the relationship between the prosecutor and the party allegedly harmed (e.g., which mortgage servicer (bank), law firm, trustee, etc.)? A defense known as jury nullification might be resurrected if the case is tried carefully.

  5. john says:

    I was successful in bringing and action of a customer of mine to an attorney I work with against a Broker and got a $250,000.00 judgment against him. He lied on his application with the state agency and claimed he was not a felon when in fact he was. The attorney is in the process of filing a default claim against his employer now for the full amount.

    I do not know of any other case where this has happened.

  6. Let us rally if we can for this guy. I tried to get my Recorder’s to look at the documents the bank filed, compared to what their requirements were. The bank didn’t have it. They told me to drop it. But we do the same and charges are filed! WTF! Can we all get angry enough to stomp this problem out!!

  7. PigSlayer says:

    Did you know that when a bank steals your house and they have their scavenger’s clean up any junk or TOXIC WAISTE that is left all the scavenger has to do to dispose of it is to say to employee at your county refuge I clean up abandon/foreclosed/stolen properties for the bank. I know this because some one I know was cleaning up an old lawn mower shop and their where left over 50 gallons of oil and other very toxic chemical’s and heavy metals and container’s. They will charge you Joe Public buy the gallon or weight to dispose of it in this case would have been over 300.00 dollar’s not including you need a special Hazardous Waste Permit ( Al Gore Slush Fund) to transport these materials. And let me tell you that is not cheep nor is it easy to get. They where told If they worked for the bank(or Al Gore or a judge ha ha just kidding Al, but probably true) that they could just drop it off with no other questions asked other than what bank they are working for. NO PAPER WORK TO FILL OUT. You work for a bank NO PROBLEM! just dump it over here and OH! you want the toxic container back to fill it up again SURE! He told them he worked for Jamie Dimond at JP Mogan Chase LOL! Ain’t that funny? They can dump all there toxic liability’s No questions asked! See how far the rabbit hole go’s!They are immuned to all laws that govern us. In some states you can transport up to 15 gallons of hazardous waste but must be in a nonspill container. Check with your county and state before transporting or you will face heavy environmental fines and possibly have your vehicle impounded and you with a big ticket and possibly be arrested on the spot. Keep in mind that the fines are charged for each county or city line that you may have crossed during transport. This could rage into the thousands of dollar’s. So there you go! Documents? We don’t need no stinkin paper’s. We are the bank! We do not forge documents! We pay other people to do that. We print real money with a fake value and charge you real intrest on that fake debt. Forgery! To forge somthing is to make it. So we make “REAL” FAKE DOCUMENT’S. Fraud! Banks do not commit FRAUD! just made up words for people that don’t understand how the bank operates. Oh! sorry you miss understood the meaning of SECURITIZATION? Ha Ha! You thought that ment we would keep your documents secured in our bank vault? Oh No! Thats how it used to be done but we live in modern times and we the banks have just REENGINEERED THE WORDS to mean something else. You know? Like gay used to meen Happy and keen has been reengineered to Boss,Cool,Rad,Dope,ect.ect. It is not the banks falt that people don’t keep up with word evolution. Your Mortgage Broker/ Real estate Agent didn’t explain this to you? Why be mad at the bank? So we forgot to tell them of the reengineering process. Mortgage Backed Securities! = Gamling with your phony debt. Has nothing to do with being secured at all! EXCEPT! to secure the garranteed profit’s for the bank and wall street investor’s. NOT YOU! As for the government stands, they own you and everything you own as well! That is why you have SS#. So nothing was stolen from you the people. The government is a CORPERATION! And it has been sold along time ago to the BANKER!

    • Mary says:

      These fucking banks do everything, fucking everything illegal on taking our homes in foreclosures even though they don’t own the note and the original mortgage has already been paid off through illegal securitization, paid by the multibillion-trillion bailout and this poor guy can possibly get fucking 7years & 8mos in jail!!!!!!

      these banks have pissed me off so much and the fucking government, judges & lawyers being paid by the bank to take our homes away!!! i’m telling you I’m going to fucking lose it soon and if I do, the banks are going to be sorry for fucking US, WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA!!! I AM SO TIRED OF THIS SHIT GETTING AWAY WITH NEVER GOING TO JAIL FOR THE SERVICERS FOR ROBO-SIGNING ALL FORMS & DEEDS!!! THEY DON’T EVEN OWN THE NOTE!!!!OR TITLE!!!! I WANT TO KNOW WHY THE FUCK NONE OF THESE BANKERS HAVEN’T BEEN KILLED YET!!!!


      I believe in the longer run than already has been done, that God will punish all banks especially all the large gigantic too big to fail, but I can’t wait much longer!!! They deserve death!!!!!! or slow, painful cancer death!!!!! Hope somebody will go to jail from the banks because all I ever feel is anger & hatred about these banks and want them all put out of business or death!!!! YEAH, I’M PISSED OFF!!! THEY DESERVE EVERYTHING BAD TO HAPPEN TO THEM FOR TAKING OUR HOMES & MONEY!!!!!

      • I am so right there with you Mary!!! I think the judges should be first to go.I was told by my worthless attorney that the judge wasn’t even going to hear the adversarial hearing on the house. “She doesn’t side with homeowners” they were told. And yes, that is just a start!! I wish we could get in touch to start something!

      • Jack Lee says:

        Have patience Mary. GOD is well aware of what’s going on. The fate of the bankers will not be pretty.

  8. lies is all they tell says:

    the mortgage broker who did my mortgage back in 2006 forged my information as well. so sad they can get away with this

  9. Alabama John says:

    Hopefully this case will be the one we want as it will bring to light the forgeries filed by financial institutions. Recording officers will sure be good witnesses as they know of the robo signing and others forgeries all too well and how it has corrupted their documents they are sworn to keep accurate and had done so for many years until all this started. The ones I know are very upset by the false filing done by big companies and want it stopped.

  10. Rich Rendina says:

    This is another example of the DOJ and AG Holder’s corrupt “conspiracy” with the” too big to fail” banks….hundreds of thousands of “robo-signed” forgeries by the bankster-gangsters and their lawyers in the securitization “ponzi scheme” conducted by Wall Street and their aiders and abetters in Washington….the beat goes on!

  11. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Ever wonder why the icon for ‘justice’ (lady holding scales of justice) is blindfolded??? Here, you have your answer!! If there were false documents that were filed by the lender in his foreclosure I surely hope that his defense lawyer brings to light the crime that was committed there and the comparison between the two…..because they are one in the same. Honestly, we all need to support this man in his endeavors.

  12. Steve says:

    Banks have done this millions of times over and why aren’t they being prosecuted and thrown in prison? What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Different sides of the same coin. Fraud and forgery is a felony in CA. Hmmm. I had a forensic exam on my property and Wells Fargo filed 55 false documents in the county records and there were 3 Robosigners on the documentation. I just don’t get it.

    • PigSlayer says:

      Steve says reply: Because Steve they do not like it if you use there business model unless you are part of the Corporation or a subsidiary. Copyrights and Infringement laws you know. We the people must fallow the laws now. If you don’t graze in the free range pasture you will be caged

      • Steve says:

        Yep. Too big to fail and too big to jail. I wonder if I could change my name and add National Association after it? Then I could just start foreclosing on all kinds of properties since I don’t have to show a note, or just create documents as needed? Crazy.

      • lol., I tried and the recorders office said they only accept them through a computer system, so if you can get your hands on an access code, you can indeed fudge a company name and file your paperwork. It’s all about behind the walls.

      • PigSlayer says:

        Hey any hacker’s wanna make some money out their? LOL

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