Drunk Goldman Banker Knocked Out For Screaming Racial Slurs, In Serious Condition


Drunk Goldman Banker Knocked Out For Screaming Racial Slurs, In Serious Condition

A woman who spoke with the man before he was knocked out said he was upset over his wife leaving him and about his job at Goldman Sachs. But why would he be upset: has the market not been manipulated high enough to guarantee every banker in the US record high bonuses yet?  “I felt so bad,” she said. “He could hardly walk.” By all appearances, the Dow will have to hit 20,000 before Goldman bankers are no longer upset about their 7+ figure bonuses…

From the Post…

A black man tried to help a white, boozed up guy who had stumbled into his table at a West Village restaurant— but wound up knocking him out when shouted the N-word, cops said.

Douglas Reddish, 25, ate with his girlfriend at Benny’s Burritos on Greenwich Ave. on Friday night when the soused stranger knocked into their outdoor table, authorities said.

Reddish steadied him since he lost his footing, cops said. Waiters had been rushing over to shoo him away.

“This n—-r wants to fight me,” the belligerent man roared, cops said.

Then Reddish punched him, cops said.He fell backwards and landed on the sidewalk. His head smashed against the concrete curb and bled profusely, cops said.

“He was out cold. I thought he was dead,” said Benny’s worker Robert Garcia.

Not realizing how much damage he inflicted, Reddish went in for another blow, but was held back by employees, cops said.

When Reddish saw the blood oozing he fled the scene, leaving his girlfriend at the burrito joint, police said.

Good to know that GS employees are working their asses off on a Friday before hitting the bar at noon.



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  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    I am not a dumb ass! You just don’t get the coorelation of this and another current event! BTW, I don’t give a damn what time of day it was. That was NOT the point. And as to Leapfrog, it will more than likely that Reddish will be charged with assault & battery. Don’t know if there would be other charges since he left the scene.

    Assault is the presentation of a reasonable threat to a person. The two terms are interrelated except that for battery, there must be contact. With battery, there is deliberate physical contact with an individual without their permission.

  2. leapfrog says:

    If the vampire squid scumbag banker kicks the bucket it will be no great loss, although I hope for Douglas Reddish’s sake he doesn’t and ONLY for that reason. I certainly hope Reddish does not face ANY charges.

  3. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Well, it was a good thing that Reddish ran. Had he stayed to beat the crap out of the banker and had the banker had a gun to stop him, well…..we know the rest of the story, right? We can always turn the tables as well….if Reddish had called the banker a ‘white cracker’ for bumping into his table and the banker, in turn, had began to whip the crap out of Reddish for the name calling who then fell and began to bleed from the head would that be racist motivated? Don’t think the media would be involved and I certainly don’t think it would have become an international incident of civil rights. Just sayin’……

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