Why Doesn’t the Government Use Its Mass Surveillance to Bust the Big Criminals … the Banksters?

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If the Government Is Going to Spy … Why Doesn’t It Do Something Useful?

by WashingtonsBlog

The big banks have committed massive crimes and manipulated virtually every market.

The failure to prosecute fraud is preventing a sustainable economic recovery.

As such, prosecuting Wall Street fraud is arguably an issue of national security.

The government is collecting everything … and spying on just about everything we do.  So why can’t it gather info on the crimes of the big banks … so we can prosecute them?

You might assume that spying is only used to stop terrorism.

But the government has – in fact – often invoked national security powers in regards to the financial system.  For example, Business Week reported on May 23, 2006:

President George W. Bush has bestowed on his intelligence czar, John Negroponte, broad authority, in the name of national security, to excuse publicly traded companies from their usual accounting and securities-disclosure obligations.

Reuters noted in 2010:

U.S. securities regulators originally treated the New York Federal Reserve’s bid to keep secret many of the details of the American International Group bailout like a request to protect matters of national security, according to emails obtained by Reuters.

This is especially true given that some of the biggest banks have been caught actively assisting terrorists.

Unfortunately, spying is being used to crush dissent … and specifically to protect the banks and target those who are trying to hold the banks accountable.



3 Responses to “Why Doesn’t the Government Use Its Mass Surveillance to Bust the Big Criminals … the Banksters?”
  1. Alex says:

    The racketeers who perpetrated the financial crimes that brought down our economy are terrorists! First the twin towers, then the economy. The precision take down of the twin towers was like a shot across the bow. A calling card for the terror group.The banksters (bank employees who were/are members of a terrorists racket/organization) were planted inside the banking industry, State and county governments, the legal ‘profession’ and the US government as SLEEPERS). These sleepers were/are part of the terrorist infrastructure. Unless the people of the USA get informed they will find they have no ownership of anything theirs. Unless the American people understand that its not about ‘no doc’, or ‘liars loans’ and is about counterfeit loans, property rights in America are history.

  2. J. Alonzo says:

    So here we are many years later after all this mess started. Yet its only gotten worse. We are becoming Sheeple more and more every day.

  3. tim says:

    Because that would be like spying on your father! I’m sick of the whole greedy mess…hope all those greedy assholes who turned their backs on struggling people BURN IN HELL!

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