Living in the Post-Fiat Money Era


Living in the Post-Fiat Money Era

From Utopia to Dystopia

By George Mantor

I know what you’re thinking. Where’s his water bottle and smart phone? And, that’s not J. Crew he’s wearing. On the other hand, he does have a sawed-off shotgun and, oddly enough, a small crescent wrench kept handy just to the left of his fly.

When things are going well, all you need is a litre of H2O and a way to phone home.

You look around and see a world that you believe will never change. But, as the increasing numbers of victims of nature’s wrath alone will confirm, you can wind up with nothing, or dead with no notice whatsoever. The cosmos doesn’t care what happens to us and neither do the powerful elite who engineered the global economic collapse that is about to befall us.

If you have been reading my essays for a few years, you might be tempted to think that I’m like Harold Camping, the minister who predicted the end of the world numerous times since 1994.

I write what I see. Do I embellish a little from time to time? Sure. Sometimes the facts do get in the way of the story. And buried deep in Volumes of tax laws, legislation, statistics, jargon, propaganda, stolen courts, NSA, and Monsanto, FEMA and lies is a fascinating psychological thriller with a colorful cast of characters and a continuous crushing sense of impending doom.

This is the story that corporate media seeks to distract you from. I’m not some egghead smothering you with details and minutiae. That would take volumes. Those of you interested in the nitty-gritty and the fine details are encouraged to seek them out. But, I have already done that.

I ask questions that few others ask and the answers are what I submit for your consideration. When I look at the facts that we have before us, I am amazed that things have held together as long as they have. I wake up every morning wondering if today will be the day of inevitable reckoning; but so far, whew, huh?

When I doubt my premise, I dive back into what I have learned; wondering if there might be some sort of way to avoid a currency collapse and the ensuing chaos for those unprepared. By that, I mean emotionally prepared, as well.

I can deal with a lot of what is going on by being vocal, proactive, and generally a pain in the ass to the establishment. But, I am possessed by an emotion that runs the gamut from teary-eyed disappointment to ranting rage.

I am disappointed by what has happened to the country John Lewis Manter, my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather came to in 1657. We are heavily invested in the building of America, the dream of free men and human dignity. It is our blood, sweat, and imagination that are the foundation of this country, not central bankstas and their crooked politicos. We got along fine without them.

I used to believe we were a nation of laws, and I revered the judicial system for what it meant to the average person. Without it, big money eats little people, and that is what is happening in courts all over the country today. The judiciary is now the private arbiter of corporations, most of who could never be forced before a judge as a defendant.

Look at the behavior of law enforcement; shooting kittens and dogs without provocation, gunning down the wrong people, and taking the cell phones from anyone in the vicinity. They aren’t there to protect and serve anymore, they are there to suppress. Martial Law has already been declared, just not announced.

I see no way out and no effort being made by any government anywhere to avoid the inevitable financial reset. Think of the irony, every central bank country is awash in oodles of cash, the talk is of austerity, and the reality is poverty. At the same time, all of that money was looking for stuff to buy to generate earnings or profit. But, there is nothing, so they buy pieces of things as though they were whole and promises of things that could never be fulfilled.

Accountants just kept on adding zeros and now there is way more theoretical money then there is actual stuff. Only human beings could create a mess like this. That is why fiat money is doomed to failure. Because it is actually worthless and theoretically valued so there is no need for the actual money and no reason not to create more.

Meanwhile, back in the land of the Lazy-Boys, GMOs and high fructose, we have been living a grand fantasy, but it simply cannot continue.

The last half of the Twentieth Century, by most accounts, was a pretty good time in America, on the surface anyway. Jobs were plentiful and paid enough to live on, and Norman Rockwell captured it all. The truth is that it wasn’t so great for a lot of people, but everyone was distracted by television, too much food, and a sense of entitlement in being part of the American middle class.

We were feeling so blessed that in 1954, we even added “God” to our Pledge of Allegiance after somebody said, “Get God in there somewhere, will ya”.

And because we were proud Americans, we did. At the time, we had no idea how much we were going to need God’s help keeping the dream alive.

So, while Americans sat riveted in front of their new Philcos, watching Herbert Philbrick work feverishly to prevent the commies from turning vacuum cleaners into bomb launchers, choking down Swanson’s chicken from a tin foil tray, and blowing Pall Mall smoke in their children’s faces, the gentle, imperceptible veil of Panem et Circum was rendering the middle class impotent. And, just look at us—fat, stupid, and cranky.

Also in 1954, plans were being laid in secret by powerful, global entities (Bilderberg Group) that would slowly replace that Norman Rockwell fantasy with a real life, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max diorama?

I’m not making this up. Many people do not want to consider the facts and face reality which is the last thing any of us should do—pretend it will get fixed. Nothing is broken. The plan has worked flawlessly and the inability to see it is built into the plan. If people will watch Jerry Springer television, they’ll put up with anything.

Consider this, seventy million baby-boomers are retiring. If you know someone in that group who is expecting a pension, it is important to note that most municipal county and state pension funds are massively underfunded. Detroit is no anomaly. Plan “B”, The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, is itself massively underfunded. The PBGC has a total of $102.5 billion in obligations and $79.5 billion in assets. And, those obligations are about to ramp up.

If you are one of the few who are part of a plan with real assets, corporate raiders like Mitt Romney will do a leveraged buyout, loot the fund, and bankrupt the company.

Social Security and Medicare have a combined shortfall of almost $125 trillion which equates to a staggering $1.1 million per taxpayer.

And, nobody told you.

See for yourself. The U S Debt Clock tracks a lot more than our accumulated debt. You’ll find the above information in the lower left hand corner. I strongly urge you to poke around on this site; the shock and awe alone are worth the visit.

It is very difficult to conceive of any means of averting millions of elderly who have no income at all. God bless the child who has his own, particularly in his ‘golden years.”

Pension funds face multiple problems. Many are simply underfunded. Some are reporting bond assets at fantasy prices based on false valuations. Additionally, they often project annual increases at 8% when we live in a 1% world forced upon us by central bankstas. Finally, many of the bonds they show on their books are backed by things that do not even exist.

The ticking time bomb is the potential tax consequences to pension funds holding REMICs (real estate mortgage investment conduits) that have moved assets in and out of the trust after the closing of the fund. A no-no making them fully taxable.

In a nation short on tax revenues, the IRS will eventually get around to targeting the failed REMICs. It sounds complicated, but it’s really just a scheme to avoid taxes. Unfortunately it is the investors, i.e., pension funds who will be left to pick up the tab.

“The Plan” is to suck the money out of everything and leave the victims to deal with the mess while they jet off to their private islands.

Look at the mortgage related fraud settlements that gave victims three hundred dollars. Look at how Cyprus handled the collapse of the banks; they kept the depositors’ (creditors) money and started new banks. The depositors (creditors), in exchange for their money, were given shares in the failed bank which are valued at less than zero. Their fiat-money just said “Arrivederci, sucker.”

It’s a full on plunder of everything that is not tied down, and just because you don’t feel it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

I live near a city so stupid that they rebuilt the kind of city only free money could buy—a shiny, gleaming, modern cluster of high-rises right on top of a 19th century infrastructure. Water and sewer main breaks are so common that it is more important to have flood insurance than fire insurance.

All over the county roads are crumbling and parks aren’t being maintained. Why? We need jobs and there is obviously work to be done.

America is falling apart in every way imaginable and nothing is being done about it.

I began my journey down the rabbit hole in early 2006, when I wrote my first article about predatory loan servicers illegally pushing people into foreclosure. It took a long time for the whole picture to come into view. Everything I learned seemed so counterintuitive, but I kept reaching back further into the past uncovering the framework of an elaborate scheme to reshape the world and essentially enslave the entire globe.

Yet, as bold as I had been with my predictions and as accurate as I have been proven to be over time, I have been reluctant to talk about the real end game and the people behind it because I wanted to maintain my credibility long enough to lay a foundation. I felt like I had seen a UFO. Who would believe me?

I’m not an economic theorist or a monetary expert; I’m just an old country boy who knows that if I sell the same tractor to six different fellas, I better have a damn good story come delivery day.

Wall Street solves the problem by buying insurance for a hundred times the value of the tractor and drives the tractor off a cliff, pays off each of the buyers, and keeps the rest.

Tax payers backstop the insurance companies and the central banks buy the worthless paper (quantitative easing) thereby debasing the currency and passing the tab down to future generations.

What is behind the current economic volatility is the sudden realization in many quarters that we are about to witness the mother of all margin calls. It will no longer be possible to shuck and jive to hide the problem.

Take gold for example. All over the world, physical gold is in very short supply and demand is off the charts, yet the price is falling and all the talking heads see gold falling further. Maybe it will. What is crashing is paper gold and promises of gold, neither of which exist in the real world. Holders of paper gold flooded the market hoping to sell off at a high price and buy back physical at a reduced price, thereby making an instant profit.

Flooding the market did indeed drive the price down dramatically until it went below its production cost. The only problem is that there is no real gold to back all of the paper wanting to convert and buy physical. Many traders are being told they have to wait thirty days to take delivery. It might take that long to find any. All of which is now being complicated by the margin calls associated with buying paper with borrowed money and then having the price fall dramatically.

When share prices fall, many investors are forced to sell stocks bought on margin, so some of the forced paper selling now has to do with the loss of value.

Holders of physical precious metals shouldn’t see their activity as investing or gambling as illustrated above, but as currency insurance. Once everyone realizes that there is way more paper gold than physical gold, the real thing should appreciate rather nicely.

Ask yourself two questions: are our largest banks insolvent and what would happen to my deposits in the event of collapse. I believe the answers are plainly, “yes and gone”.

It will be proven that paper equities are way over-inflated in terms of actual value, are often backed by promises only…oh, and there are no tractors. It’s simple math.

I have been asking this question for years and the numbers change over time, but the fundamental dynamic remains the same: the total value of everything on the planet is estimated to be about $165 trillion, worldwide.

Yet, according to the World Bank of Settlements (another player in our rogues gallery), the amount of money invested in Derivatives, an investment that has no value of its own but “derives” it from something else, ranges from $500 to $1,500 trillion.

So what? Split it down the middle and make it a $1,000 trillion and we are just about five tractors short on a global scale. See the problem? They are going to be coming for their tractors and what will happen next is anybody’s guess because we are in a place we have never been before, and the only thing of which you can be absolutely certain is that massive change is right around the corner.

If that issue seems irrelevant to you, it’s supposed to. Nowhere do you ever see any of the financial talking heads asking the most fundamental question of all: how can we save a global economy that has pledged the value of everything on the planet six times over? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Our monetary policy is exactly the same as the compulsive gambler who figures that all he has to do is keep doubling his losing bet until he finally wins. Not factored into this strategy is the potential for a prolonged losing streak that costs the gambler all of his resources. We are out of markers and the house wants its money.

The problem is that we are now almost $17 trillion in debt, and doubling that won’t solve anything…unless we do the thing we should have done in the first place and put the money directly into the pockets of American families rather than the pockets of the very bankstas who got us here in the first place.

In the meantime, Wall Street is drowning in cash, but isn’t creating any jobs, just pumping up the false value of stocks of companies that make no money.

As for the great jobs news, part-time low wage jobs, slinging hash and cleaning up vomit are no way to build an economy. We have hit the wall; reached the tipping point wherein no improvement can be had until Americans start spending. But, they can’t spend what Wall Street will not allow them to have—any of the enormous amounts of cash that the Fed is “printing” and giving to them.

It makes me nervous to see how much energy is being wasted by people who work so hard to try to convince us that everything is just fine. But, it isn’t.

The state of our nation is this thin façade of normalcy holding back a cascade of ever growing calamity and chaos.

We are tapped out, unemployed, and getting by on food stamps. Crime and mental illness are dangers lurking and no one is immune. The edges of our society are badly frayed.

How do we fix it? Give every tax payer or legal guardian of an underage tax payer $38,000.

Impossible? Not at all. Crazy? Hardly. It’s so simple.

If you pay taxes, that means that your share of the debt is now $148,000, which I am betting you don’t have lying around and probably would rather not pay for IRS parties and bonuses, or to have your emails and phone conversations monitored, or to create a vast hole in the middle east into which we have poured endless money that cannot even be accounted for. So much money and material have disappeared that it is the major scandal of the entire war enterprise.

In four years, the debt will be over $22 trillion and a tax payer’s share will be $186,000. That is $38,000 more. I’m just saying that since we are going to $22 trillion no matter what, let’s just go there now and let the money come right into the economy where it would immediately create millions of jobs, fire up consumer spending, and generate badly needed tax revenues. It’s our money, so give it to us!

I see no other way of avoiding a dark and foreboding future. But, even before that happens, the risk of an enormous natural disaster is dramatically increasing almost everywhere. While our law enforcement community is well-prepared to quash any civil uprising, the same cannot be said with regard to disaster response.

Lengthy interruptions of power are inevitable and cell phones may not work. Do you have a plan for such an event? Unprecedented things are happening, and assuming things will always be as they are now, isn’t having a positive outlook its denial.

What would you do if your bank was closed for a week or two, and credit and debit transactions could not be processed? What would you do if your account was seized as a creditor of a failed bank?

What would you do if your water source were compromised? What would happen if your food market couldn’t get restocked?

These are not far-fetched possibilities.

Store enough food and water for thirty days for each person and pet. If you have an account with any of the large banks, move your money now to a community bank or a credit union. Only keep one month of expenses in the bank. Any event that caused a large number of people to flock to the bank and withdraw money would collapse the system. Remember two things: the money in your account doesn’t really exist, and once you deposit it, it legally belongs to them.

If you have extra money, convert some of it to a physical commodity. Currency destruction and inflation put paper money at risk in time of crisis, just when you need it most.

Prearrange family meet-up locations so that when some unplanned event occurs, everyone knows what to do. For more, see Preparing for the Inevitable.

Join your Neighborhood Watch and obtain Community Emergency Response Training.

The days of sitting back and letting others do it are over. The time has come to move in the direction of self-sustenance, local community cooperation and advanced preparation. Institutions have grown too big to function properly and much of what we have come to rely on is unreliable.

Ultimately, there is no down side to planning ahead for unexpected events. Now and then I get to eat Low Sodium Spam to keep my emergency rations up to date and I don’t feel guilty about putting that crap in my body because it’s part of being prepared.

But if disaster ever strikes, that Spam is going to be like Filet Mignon.


5 Responses to “Living in the Post-Fiat Money Era”
  1. Mr. Bill says:

    Thank you for putting all of the same thoughts I’ve “Assembled” over the past 5-7 years. Excellent summary, comprehensive and to the point.

  2. katheryn says:

    It is only a matter of ‘ when’ not ‘if’, “the sky is falling”, cried Chicken Little. When it falls, don’t count on an umbrella as any protection.

  3. BOBBI SWANN says:

    I agree totally with George Mantor. Been talking the same story and being one of those ‘baby boomers’ take a different light on the future than the X,Y & Z generation. My kids think I’m over the edge, my friends are sick and tired of hearing me (chatter). Problem is, George is right on target. We think we ‘elect’ representativesa who will do right (ha-ha)but in fact all we’ve done is added more fuel to the fire. When was the last time you saw a farmer elected to office? or a Warren Buffet? God help us all because all of us can’t.

    • Sue Em says:

      My friends and family also thinks I am boring with my outrage about the banksters. I am just amazed that no one surrounding me is the least bit interested in what is going on in politics, banking, bailouts… They don’t understand how I am not on pintrest. We should all be hitting the streets with the occupiers.

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