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It’s a real-life disaster movie, one that’s left neighborhoods in ruins all across the country, killed thousands of people, and ruined millions of lives. You might call it a “Banknado.”

Yes, we know the Sharknado craze ended about ten days ago. The sci-fi movie’s premise of tornadoes filled with deadly sharks has probably passed its cultural sell-by date. But we’ll use the metaphor anyway, because it’s just so apt: Wall Street’s a whirlwind filled with predators descending on a hapless population.

And while our leaders stand idly by, the teeth-filled twisters keep falling from the sky. Look out below!


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2 Responses to “Banknado!”
  1. JJ says:

    To Shelley Erickson .. Thank you Shelley, for your comment .. you put the solution into a few simple words that is easy for anyone to understand. If we all follow Shelley’s advice we may save the USA for future generations to enjoy .. They can then enjoy their lives without being miserable debt slaves for the banks .. which is what most Americans are today.

  2. This article covers it well. All I can say is watch this video over and over until you get the picture. We are supporting the banks. Bycott them, and stop supporting the bad politicians. They get more money from us than the banks. The banks and the politicians get the power by our support ing them. Stop supporting the criminals. Dont rent the stolen houses. Rent or purchase motor homes. Find a way to boycott and stop this banknado. Only purchase what you need and not on credit. and litigate against the banks and support the ones litigating and their attorneys with funds and donations. Mass litigation will hamper their plans. Run for office if you can and vote out the bad blood.

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