WTF? Bondi Tells Foreclosure Courts to Mind Bank Agreement in Rulings

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Bondi Tells Foreclosure Courts to Mind Bank Agreement in Rulings

Attorney General Pam Bondi sent a letter this month to the Florida Supreme Court and chief judges statewide reminding them that in the push to move foreclosure cases forward, they must also consider the nationwide settlement reached last year with five major lenders.

The letter, sent Sept. 3 to Chief Justice Ricky Polston, comes at a time when foreclosure defense attorneys complain the settlement is being violated by a judiciary that often refuses to cancel foreclosure sales or delay judgments when a mortgage modification is under consideration.

According to the settlement, which requires specific customer service standards, banks must ask the court to delay the case if a modification or other solution is pending.

“These standards may impact cases in our trial courts and therefore I want to bring to your attention some general information about them and their potential overlap with foreclosure litigation,” Bondi wrote.

Bondi attached a fact sheet about the servicing standards that could impact foreclosure court rulings.

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4 Responses to “WTF? Bondi Tells Foreclosure Courts to Mind Bank Agreement in Rulings”
  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    This woman leaves little to be desired! Next time the voters won’t be in such a hurry to elect a pretty blonde female to office! She has absolutely no idea of how to run the office of attorney general yet alone be honest. Oh gosh, I forgot – she’s an attorney! It is sooooo obvious on WHO were the larger contributors to her campaign fund (bankstas¿!). She reminds me of our past governor, who flip flopped back and forth on all issues.→ (another attorney in office) Pam Blondie is a sore example of women in politics and I am embarrassed to be associated in the same gender. There should be equality in politics for both men and women but don’t elect a female just for gender purposes. I honestly don’t even think we have an iotta’s chance of turning this state around with all the corruption and bad choices that we, as voters, have made.

  2. Lee says:

    here’s the link for the AG in Bondi’s letter – it works

  3. Rob Harrington says:

    In her letter to the Court, Pam’s link is broken? Hmmmm….

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