Hearing Ends for Former Foreclosure King David Stern, Report Expected Oct. 28

Foreclosure King David J Stern

Hearing Ends for Former Foreclosure King David Stern, Report Expected Oct. 28

The fate of former foreclosure king David J. Stern’s law license could be clearer on Oct. 28, the date a referee’s report is due in a Florida Bar case against the 53-year-old.

The Bar levied 17 complaints against Stern during a 5-day hearing last week that ended Friday, a week earlier than scheduled.

Stern went on the witness stand Thursday in an intense, nearly 4-hour questioning session, where he rejected any notion that he be held accountable for flawed and fraudulent documents produced by his employees.

Stern remains a member in good standing with the Florida Bar.

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  1. David Stern’s Ethics trial took only one week, before the Hon. Judge Nancy Perez from WPB, Fl.
    I attended everyday and wondered in disgust why the U.S Media was not there nor any homeowners. The courtroom was almost empty except for an ugly female and a horrible looking male “companions-family” of his majesty, King of All Foreclousures, his Royal Highness, King David Stern plus two or three people. “SU CASA MI CASA” judge is a Hispanic-American. What an irony? As for Atty. Tew, what a disgusting human he is. No wonder most people hate and despise lawyers, how can TEW have the balls and guts to defend this monster by lying and making up defenses that a three year old would know are just plain and simple LIES.
    Shame on the Justice System for not putting this creature in JAIL. where he belongs. Shame on us for not being there. In as far as the Media, well, now I can clearly see what is going on here.
    G d help us all. This is not the America I used to know.

  2. LC says:

    My law firm was a direct victim of this evil tyrant in California in ways I choose not to reveal-not in a competitive business sense but a direct, evil attack in ways saved only for animals in business. We were involved with his best buddies bank who threw us out like toilet paper after 15 years of great work and loyalty. Now in his hearing he throws all of his mostly female employees like myself under the bus that they were behind the defrauding of the foreclosure documents-AMAZING! How he is not in the public conscience in same breath with Bernie Madoff I will never know! I attribute to his political connectons-his lawyer one of the premier lobbyist atty’s in the U.S. and his connection with the FL state sttorneys office & FL Governor Scott who shut down the investigation started by fmr Gov Christie with investigation being led by Teresa Edwards, atty who was about to bring him down. However, what Mother Jones and many reports missed is how he secretly had a strip mall operation in KY quietly for the at time 4th largest bank, National City then later PNC up until very recently with former head of National City REO, name was either Bill or Phillip Cobb originally giving Stern in 2004/2005 to almost present day, a lawyer 100% exclusive access as listing outsourcer for every asset in their REO inventory-meaning Stern had a commission off every single listing the banks had with a tiny little hidden strip-mall REO outsourcer called DSI-supposedly standing for Default Servicing Inc except secretly it was David Stern Inc. Truthfully, he may still have DSI up and running and never had this exposed, for real as using his name would be poison but hiding as DSI is still covert enough to get away with another figurehead! Isn’t it weird that the 4th largest bank in U.S. would give exclusive outsourcing to an outsourcer with no other clients hidden away in KY-why not open the office in FL where your home base is in Miami or Naples or wherever his office was in FL? Because it was too obvious-it would be exposed because a bank atty representing the entire state of Florida for that bank should not be the listing agent outsourcer for that same bank doling out the listings-therefore, Stern got the asset in pre-foreclosure, he assigned the list agents after foreclosure handling the listing and then was the closing attorney for the same bank-have you ever heard of something so ridiculous!!! And knowing him he prob opened up other title companies of his own in other states where NCM had a large number of assets so he got that title money also-makes sense for a scammer! Why would an attorney representing the banks in foreclosure actions also be able to be the listing agent/outsourcer selling those same assets in FL and the other 49 states when his job is to be a foreclosure attorney! He hid it well as it was never revealed publicly he was behind DSI until the end after years of control of the REO asset listings. And he got away with that for 7-8 years-I don’t know fate of DSI but I worked in CA before moving to UK for job after losing position due to this issue and they gave all the assets NATIONALLY TO HIM AND HIM ALONE AS A LIST OUTSOURCER MAKING HIM AT LEAST TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ADDITIONALLY TO THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS STOLEN IN HIS FRAUD ACTIONS! He decided where the listings went and used as favors for the list agents and title services all over the country that he was able to control-amazing power and almost no one knew what happened except the employees at the bank and his office-all of them used to laugh as he clearly had a deep relationship with Cobb at National City. Oh I have a fun little fact and let’s see what we can do with this because I think a monkey can figure this out! Years after Cobb made Stern the exclusive outsourcer for National City/PNC, while also being a “good friend of Stern’s” quietly outsourcing, for all the tens of thousands of his assets as head of REO, he left National City in OHIO while Stern was now exclusively handling all the assets for NCM/PNC and later Cobb was made the “HEAD OF OPERATIONS” for David J Stern Law Firm in FL with an official press release and everything welcoming COBB to the family! HAHA! WOW The former head of REO gives Stern ALL the assets for years and years and then later becomes the head of operations for Stern’s law firm! What a coincidence-what the hell does a lawyer know about outsourcing when he had no experience in it prior but Cobb believed he was the one with the most experience? OH IT WAS AN EASY MONEY GRAB FOR STERN! Stern opened DSI after he took the head of the REO division of Bank of America I believe who shuttered their office in same KY area, put her in charge and hired 4 employees-it literally was a joke operation-I am not kidding-and he became the sole outsourcer out of nowhere getting a 1.5-2% commission fee on every asset in US for that bank for years and years in addition in deciding what agents got the assets locally and what attorneys handled the title for closings. What did Stern have to do-Nothing! Just pay the bills of DSI and let the small team handle the assignments doling them out across the US and collect the fees at closing-what a deal!!! Worse, the outsourcer DSI decided what sale prices were taken by the buyers of the REO assets so you tell me if there is room for some “friends” to grab some amazing assets at an amazing price since DSI made the call. The problem was almost no one knew he was involved because it was out of state, out of mind-he is a Lex Luthor-like tyrant! And he would take down anyone in his way as the law firm I was at will tell you! We were literally shuttered after years of work with the bank years before once DSI took over and DSI brought in their own “friends” as payments to Stern friendly law firms-that was it for all of us in CA and I am sure everywhere else for the poor agents & law firms not in the pocket. This is a completely true fun fact about DSI I hope others can continue to expose him and Cobb at whatever position he is currently in as they clearly collaborated to get Stern the account while Cobb was given the top position in his firm and then he hightailed out right before the big BOOM came down on Stern. God knows what Stern paid him as a salary-gee I am sure no money changed hands between the two of them through the years controlling all those thousands of assets among just the 2 pals! The employees of the bank and law firm used to laugh as it was never known Stern was behind the operation and once it was found out, everyone went HUH?? Of all the outsourcers in America, Stern was the best choice with a new company started in like 2004 to get 1,000s of assets until recently!? REALLY??? HAHA It is truly sad and yet nothing is happening to him-a few slaps from the Bar coming-his hundreds of millions will console him off the blood of the US homeowners he defrauded. There is so much more to this story-so much more! I can only pray karmic justice exists for this man-I truly do! This story is just now beginning to be told with 50 states of stories! Just like the Fannie Mae head of REO in CA was caught in an FBI sting this year taking money for listings, this is 500 times more serious-yet no one has done anything! All those banks Stern was involved in were his best friends in the world and trust me he has plenty on everyone of them with “favors” so please do not be surprised why he is not away in a cell-he is very well protected with the ruined lives of many behind-now including all his ex-employees who will probably get more punishment than him! What a world we live in and every word of this post is 100% accurate and facts only-it just is one more angle where there is 1,000 more still not exposed as I prayed Mother Jones would blow this particular story up! One day this evil will be rectified I truly believe!

  3. J. Alonzo says:

    I remember hearing how all these third world countries had corrupt and bought justice systems.
    We too have become the same way. Our judges know very clearly that these banks dont own these notes for the most part and they just dont care because its a BANK. Shame on all of them!

  4. incognito123 says:

    If he lost his license, that would be a START, but really, he should be in jail!

  5. neidermeyer says:

    This is why we have lawyer jokes ,, they protect their own … 17 “complaints” … BIG DEAL .. he may lose his license? Who Cares .. he’s off to the Caymens on a yacht crewed with babes and a pallet of cash.

    Until lawyers go to jail for felonies this will continue. Same as the TBTF banksters and the SEC “watchdogs” who spend all day watching porn instead of investigating anything.

    • J. Alonzo says:

      Its not just when lawyers go to jail. Its when lawyers who did ork for the banks and committ felonies and fraud on our courts be held accountable and GO TO FEDERAL JAIL for crimes that We The Sheeple would be Raped & Pilaged for.

  6. Okie says:

    So I hear Oklahoma has a few in the works.

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