Harmen Law Mistake Leaves Couple Homeless

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Law firm mistake leaves couple without home

A little over a month ago, John and Ann Roach bought a foreclosed home near Indian Lake in South Kingstown.

In short order, they sold their home in Rumford.

The couple said at this point in their lives it was time for a change.

“We thought what a wonderful place to create memories with our grandchildren, the next generation. We were close to fishing, planning on kayaking, and getting a small boat,” Ann Roach said.

The Roaches’s closing on the foreclosed home was scheduled for Oct. 21, but then at the very last minute, it was called off.

“Sharon Steel, our Realtor, met with us last Friday and told us because Harmon Law had failed to provide proper notification of foreclosure, we’d be unable to obtain title insurance” Ann Roach said.

Harmon Law is a large firm located in Newton, Mass. It’s currently under investigation by state Attorney General Martha Coakley who is looking into unfair and deceptive acts on the part of the firm.

A slew of complaints exist against the firm, known as a “foreclosure mill.”

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9 Responses to “Harmen Law Mistake Leaves Couple Homeless”
  1. concerned21 says:

    When are ethical lawyers gonna take these cases on a contingency basis? Our attorney was not as knowledgable as me but the corrupt Judge acted in bad faith after the unethical Judgment when I was forced to go in front of him with the facts and I was Pro-Se. I need an ethical person who has a voice that will be heard to take an interest in our case. The proof I have will put the bank employee, their lawyer and the Judge behind bars!

  2. concerned21 says:

    We were victims back in 2001 – 2003 before FRAUDCLOSURE and ROBOSIGNING was exposed. Andrew Harmon was so corrupt and almost shit his pants when we brought proof of over 100,000 in payments not credited by their client a servicer of Freddie Mac. We had paid off our 15 year loan in less than 9 years and had proof of every payment, every mortgage statement and every bank statement. We had proof that the payments were made and an employee of the servicer would not credit and move to unapplied funds. Andrew Harmon’s jaw almost hit the ground and he immediately offered us an extension on the illegal foreclosure that was filed. When I asked why he wasn’t stopping it and had proceeded to tell me that this guy was an ass–le and Andrew promised he was gonna do an internal investigation and if it showed that we were right than we would be reimbursed all of the payments we made that were not credited, all the legal fees and any amount we had paid to get a mortgage for a foreclosure bailout. Need I say more? The Division of Banks, Attorney General, Daniel Crane and FBI all who are guilty of DERELICTION OF DUTY. This is just 1/1000 of what we were victims of and we have a complete paper trail in sequential order to prove. We also have proof that I will not mention because these people have already been caught trying to rewrite history but it ain’t gonna happen with us.

  3. incognito123 says:


    • marilyn lane says:

      Agree. Fidelity Title and a sham title company David K Fiveson Esq. calls
      Coronet.Title knew what they were doing when they “”””””” bought””””””””
      my two condos with forged deeds.

      I wrote to William p Foley CEO of Fidelity ‘what went wrong that the Fidelity attorney Thomas Malone company found themselves fightinhg for a forged deed
      Fidelitys answer -” it is proper.”

      Fidelity just invested THREE Billion to buy back LPS DOCX .maker of false documents.

  4. Alabama John says:

    Most people depend on their real estate rep or the closing attorney to make sure all paperwork is correct.. Screwed up title works both ways and making you pay monthly for something or to someone that cannot prove they are the right ones to pay would stop all payments until this is straightened out if ever.
    Its just that people not educated on this think they must pay whatever happens, as they owe SOMEBODY, and the banks or mortgage companies take advantage of your ignorance.
    Let any financial institution get in your situation and see how quick they stop paying and still occupy. Its a business deal, not a moral obligation to buying a home.

  5. BOBBI SWANN says:

    This is the problem with purchasing foreclosed homes….dirty title. Why would the buyers close on the sale of their existing home without having a title search done on the proposed one? Most people will do a simo closing so if something goes awry with one closing they can still cancel the other. And what about the people who lived in this home and was booted out? Another fraudulent foreclosure that the owners couldn’t afford an attorney to handle the case? There’s no boo-hoo on my part for this Roach couple. They should have done their homework instead of only looking at the surface. The old saying ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. It’s not like the Roach’s are homeless and without funds. This is NOT a new story but the news media makes it sound like these people were screwed…not so! Ignorance is not an excuse.

  6. marilyn lane says:

    Same thing with me no one had a right to auction off my properties
    to straw buyers or anyone. The phony documents they used were
    based on void ab initia judgments.

    I handed out papers telling of the fraud and that they couldn’t do this.
    and Timothy Rooney said who is going to stop us.?
    The referee Penny Stark and Timothy
    Rooney of MJRF belong in jail.

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