Former Foreclosure King David Stern is Ending His Fight to Hold Onto His Law License

Foreclosure King David J Stern

Major foreclosure lawyer David Stern will accept disbarment

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The Florida lawyer whose firm was handling tens of thousands of foreclosure cases at the height of the financial crisis is ending his fight to hold onto his law license.

The likely disbarment of David Stern would mark the most significant punishment handed down to any of the Florida attorneys whose work came under fire as the number of foreclosures soared in the Sunshine State.

Critics had charged that attorneys have not been punished adequately for their role in falsifying documents through fake signatures and backdating records and through not giving homeowners proper notice that they faced foreclosure.

In late January, a month after inquiries from the Associated Press, the Florida Bar found probable cause for 17 counts against Stern. The alleged violations include misconduct and failure to supervise non-lawyers properly. Some of the complaints were more than two years old and some even came from judges.

Stern’s attorney initially said his client had done nothing unethical and questioned if the Bar could prove that the South Florida attorney did anything to merit punishment.

The Palm Beach Post reported last month that during a five-day hearing into the charges, Stern argued that his Plantation-based firm simply made a few mistakes in a tiny percentage of the 277,000 foreclosure cases it handled.

Jeffrey Tew, the lawyer representing Stern, filed a one-page document Friday with the Florida Supreme Court stating that Stern has decided to end his fight against recommendations that he be disbarred. A referee has also recommended that Stern pay nearly $50,000 in costs to the Bar.

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6 Responses to “Former Foreclosure King David Stern is Ending His Fight to Hold Onto His Law License”
  1. AL says:

    i agree with Big Joke and leapfrog,

    he must be laughing like crazy …..

  2. Big Joke says:

    who the heck needs a law license after stealing tens of millions. He needs to pay bubba a visit.

  3. leapfrog says:

    They’re ACTUALLY going to disbar this sleazy SHYSTER? I can’t believe it. I can’t believe the Florida bar is going to actually do it. Who did he forget to pay off?

    Better question: Why isn’t this dirtbag rotting in jail for the crimes he committed?

    Oh, I forgot, we live in the United States of Corporatocracy. If I steal a loaf of bread, I go to jail. If David Sterns steals millions/billions in real estate, he doesn’t go to jail.

  4. j Alonzo says:

    Where oh where are the criminal charges? OH! I forgot. Since he was working for the banks.
    He will get disbarred and a pat on back. What happened to all the felony fraud charges?
    Same story with Marshall Watson. His new firm now under Choice Legal. Only the Sheeple
    get thrown in jail for fraud. Bank connected lawyers DONT! Our justice system has long been bought and controlled.

  5. Foreclosure kills. He’s responsible for throwing babies, old folks, stressed out families who have worked all their lives, done the right thing, for nothing because of people like him. He is more reptile than human- he needs to be in prison, destroying people’s lives is not a game! It’s unimaginable to me what these types do to feed their greed. They have absolutely no conscience, they have forfeited their right to walk among us. Tar and feather him first.

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