Man Facing Foreclosure Kills Self, Burns House Down on Same Day He was to Vacate

Man Dead in Dania Beach Home Fire

A man was killed in a house fire in Dania Beach on Wednesday.

Friends identified the man as Tad Vaughn, and authorities said they believe he killed himself.

“I was standing in front of his house before the fire department got here,” neighbor Gloria Lawson said. “I had no idea there was such danger, imminent danger.”

Outside the front and back doors, numerous propane tanks were found. If Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue didn’t respond as fast as it did, there could have been multiple explosions, authorities said.

“It would be a very catastrophic event,” said neighbor and firefighter Bob Carpenter. “There would be shrapnel. There would be flying metal from the container failing itself. The fire ball would be substantial.”

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5 Responses to “Man Facing Foreclosure Kills Self, Burns House Down on Same Day He was to Vacate”
  1. Alabama John says:

    Wrong ones got shot.

  2. BOBBI SWANN says:

    I never get over the fact that when the “news media” report these incidents they always fail to mention that the foreclosure was the real cause….it’s like “this person was in a depression which led to the suicide and oh, by the way, the home was in foreclosure and this person was being evicted from his home.” Each and every time these reporters never really tell the whole truth. I find it sickening. The only thing I hope is that the short sale did not yet take place, or if so, the deed has not been recorded yet. That leaves the bank holding the bag!!!! Serves ’em right! And where were all these (good and Godly neighbors), huh? I think every person needs to do some real soul searching when it comes to looking out for your fellow man!

  3. usedkarguy says:

    lynn, I am very sorry for your loss. We’re doing all we can do bring justice back to the courts, but it is not easy. I am sorry to say that our wonderful Federal government is behind this scam. Believe it!

  4. lynn says:

    My Husand killed himself over our home too. When is this going to end……

    • Woodrow Wilson says:

      When the enablers (politicians/industry lobbyists) of this fraud upon us are hanging from lampposts. Until then, at the consent of The People, this will continue.

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