Bankruptcy and What it Means for You (Infographic)

Brandon Baker Law Infographic



3 Responses to “Bankruptcy and What it Means for You (Infographic)”
  1. A.Smith says:

    That’s the way it’s supposed to work, but it doesn’t work that way in the S.D. of Ohio. Someday, the real truth will come out about how there’s no uniformity in bankruptcy laws per region, how corrupt the system really is, and what lengths the government goes to hide all the misconduct. I was in a Chapter 13 and completed it, but had many questions about the procedures they were following. No one would be honest and tell me the truth. I have studied for years off and on, in my spare time, and am very hurt and angry about the unlawful practices that were allowed to occur. I pray for the day when some honesty will return to the courts’, instead of all the cover-up.

  2. Sammy Danovich says:

    Doesn’t mean cramdown, the way it does for WEALTHY FOLKS and ANY NUMBER OF THINGS THEY OWN INCLUDING SECOND, THIRD or FOURTH HOMES. Yep, if it’s your own house, sorry loser. Which is why so many people lose their homes after filing for Chapter 13.

  3. Dave McCrae says:

    This was the avenue I took to stop foreclosure in Texas. It added $6800 to cost of payoff and froze seizure action on house. I’m now taking civil action to recover costs of myself and affected class members in Texas at Use any information on my site to help your case.

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