1. Rosemary R says:

    I have a appeal at ninth circuit because my case was dismissed base rule 12(b)(6) in district court Ocwen wants me to drop the appeal on exchange of a loan mod, I have to wave all kinds of rights, I have read that they do not always honor that new contract, but even tho I presented robosigned docs, backdating, proof the supposedly secretary of mers is also employee of ocwen etc. I feel I have to negotiate with the crooks because there was no protection in law, I mean there is but not enforced by the judges who seem like acomplices, does anyone knows how this settlement will affect our civil cases? I have not signed their docs yet, they are willing to drop about $32,000 in supposedly what I have not paid in 2 years and some principal.. My house has some equity but not much, selling is not an option for me.. I will hate to settle with the crooks (Ocwen) but do I have any other choise?

    • incognito123 says:

      You have a choice, agree with organized criminals who are not owed a penny that you will now give them extortion money, OR you can fight them in a rigged courtroom and persistently keep fighting and not giver up. That is your choice.

    • Sharon K. says:

      Strike out and initial any “offensive” or unagree-able language in black. Initial all pages in the bottom corner. Sign agreement in blue. Keep color copies before submitting. Agree to submit a “release” letter at a later date, once modification is successful and you are satisfied.

      Also, many are receiving offers now, there is a difference in the offers. Some states are banning certain “predatory” items, but the threshold is high.

      I don’t blame you for being suspicious and not wanting to trust them. I wouldn’t want to necessarily agree to their accounting of “past due” interest and the “fees” charges made. Why wouldn’t they summarily and falsely increase these amounts if it reduces financial accountability of the lawsuit??? It’s at the customer’s expense. I want to see Ocwen utilize *real* dollars. They made billions and increased year over year profits while taking government funds while delaying thousands of mods thus maintaining the higher predatory interest. Ooops. So waiving that isn’t much penalty, it’s ill gotten gains.

      • Incognito123 says:

        You can CHOOSE to enter into an agreement, however, you CANNOT modify what is not owed.

      • Rosemary R says:

        My State bans waving of Rights but only on HAMP mods, when I asked lawyer about the illegality of the waving of rights he said, ooh, we are not offering a HAMP mod we are offering an in house mod in exchange for a dissmissal of appeal, i told him to wave principal $30’lower since they have about 2 billion settlement for principal reduction he has not answered.. If he doesn’t I will stay in Ninth Circuit fighting all the way to Supreme Court and wherever I must go..

      • Incognito123 says:

        Bottom line, again, you can CHOOSE to enter into a new agreement to pay money to an entity not owed anything, or fight in a rigged court system. You CANNOT modify what is not owed in the first place.

      • bobbi swann says:

        @Incognito – both you and I know how these crooks work and theft is their specialty. Problem is that the majority of the people 1) don’t understand 2)don’t want to understand or 3) keep their heads buried in the sand thinking it will all go away with the J.C. superstar at the helm (we all know WHO that is). It’s one thing to educate the public, but it’s another if they open their minds to the truth to absorb it. The choices you gave were the worst of two evils…..depending on whether you stand up for your rights or fall into line with the rest drinking the koolaid!

      • Sharon K. says:

        ingognito123 Why?Because it’s already been paid for?

        rosemary Agreed, i too want HAMP language, regardless of whethor or not “in house” mod, and 30k plus relating to frauds, false inducements.

        Who the heck is at the top of this pyramid scheme that took thousands of dollars in closing, fees, predatory interest and false representations? these companys are out of business everywhere down the line. so it all lands in Ocwen’s hands?

      • incognito123 says:

        Sharon K, while that is true, just as, if not more important, these are fraudulent contracts. Where does the purported “money” come from that is always claimed to have been lent? Once fraud has been committed, EVERYTHING after that is void – in ALL states. Further, they alter the purported contracts, again, if there had been a contract, it is again void at that point. They produce NOTHING but hearsay in ALL states, yet people accept all the hearsay as if it was true. Yes, I know Bobbi, I say it like it is, and don’t mince the reality or sugar coat it, it is what it is! You’re absolutely right, most don’t know or don’t want to know. Even many who “know”, really DON’T know and can’t see where the origination of the problem lies and move right past that and onto forgeries, contract violations, and arguing what the purported “contract” states, all the while overlooking it is hearsay and not even a legitimate contract to start. BTW, Bobbi, not sure if you realize significance of 4th Saturday of the month & Waldemere.

        As I originally stated, “You have a choice, agree with organized criminals who are not owed a penny that you will now give them extortion money, OR you can fight them in a rigged courtroom and persistently keep fighting and not give up. That is your choice.” Not very good options, but I’ve chosen the latter, AND demand my rights be adhered to, as well as ALL laws of our country and state, and boy do they NOT like that!!! Oh well, onward bound!!

  2. grassroots4homes@gmail.com says:



    Homeowners Gregory and Leslie Bushnell have been battling with Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC for over a year now in a wrongful Unlawful Detainer Action where Ocwen and their Attorneys have knowingly filed false foreclosure instruments and declarations with the Superior Court of San Bernardino to illegally evict the Bushnell’s from their real property. These same foreclosure instruments that Ocwen and their Attorneys are fraudulently moving through the courts are the same foreclosure documents the Bushnell’s were awarded $38,750 from Litton Loan Servicing, LLP due to the wrongful foreclosure settlement conducted by the Federal Reserve. (settlement checks link: https://access-it-now.box.com/s/q9888zm51bkvl0v8epj3) Ocwen and their Attorneys have been made aware of the voided foreclosure instruments on numerous occasions, but are intentionally ignoring the voided instruments in order to hurriedly extinguish the “smoking gun”.

    Notwithstanding, the Bushnell’s have a Civil Case # CIVRS1001208 against the Financial Institutions for over 5 years with severe causes of action pending amendment for the Grand Theft of $118,800 in embezzled funds (“smoking gun”) – (“secret second”) stolen from the Bushnell’s real property by the employees of the Financial Institutions during a refinance of their home. (embezzled deed link: https://access-it-now.box.com/s/nzafji5cj22fp11md6vn)

    In the meantime Ocwen for the 3rd time is illegally trying to online auction (CASH ONLY!), undersell and flip the Bushnell’s lender embezzled property, where Ocwen’s has no legal right or authority to do so and is an outright crime! (online auction link: https://access-it-now.box.com/s/ty7mgie8lpmy2dzdz81a) The Bushnell family has been constantly harassed with people knocking on their door and fears the character of a person who would buy cash only “sight unseen” real property.

    Where do we go from here?

    Well, the Bushnell’s have found the smoking gun! The Consumer Financial Protection Unit was made aware of the wrongful acts of Ocwen et al., several times, over a year ago and has done nothing to criminally prosecute these wrongdoers. The government is ignoring the crime and its, “business as usual,” allowing Ocwen to continue to pursue its dirty deeds, victimizing homeowners. (CFPU complaint link: https://access-it-now.box.com/s/epgrf1j0yufy5o2zfml9)

    And the Bushnell’s like countless other homeowners have reached out to Attorney General, Kamala Harris to clean the courts several times with regards to the fraud infiltrated by the Financial Institutions, Attorneys and Judges in the California Courts. (Harris Notice link: https://access-it-now.box.com/s/kz7rlaso4ty5xkf7ve3t) Thus, nothing has been done to stop the homeowners due process abuse, where the courts are mills that are systematically set-up to dismiss Doe Defendant Financial Institutions and the Defendant homeowners are handed down writs and unlawfully evicted from their homes. This is not a just resolution for homeowners and the government needs to do something about this now!

    “We’re tired! We’re fed up! The American people need to know!”
    Advocates for Homeowners


  3. Sharon K. says:

    Ocwen immediately *emailed* me (Dec 20, 2013) a backdated letter (Dec 14, 2013)- while the settlement ink was drying – giving me 3 business days to seek legal advice and waiving rights, for their “proposed” modification, including payment DUE by Dec 27, 2013.
    I think they are fundraising from customers to pay their settlement. I could not sign this given the language involved, especially stating I understood legal rights and agreed to waive them, plus, stating I had legal review.
    All this, BEFORE the settlement against OCWEN takes effect JAN 1, 2014.
    Funny, my modification paperwork was submitted ONE YEAR AGO WITHOUT RESPONSE FROM OCWEN — now I have 3 biz days to send certified funds and start payments without knowing the value of the BALLOON they have added to this “modification.”
    I filed a complaint with Consumer Finance. Anyone else pressured to waive rights in similar manner should do so as well.

  4. im homeless because of these scum bags,after giving them 12,000 dollars and making the 4 required payments,.ocwen stole the home [my] home in which I grew up in and my parents bought in 1967. I owned it for over 10 years myself. with 200,000 dollars equity remaining, and the ocwen rep. at the naca event in LA. tells me ,and I quote,…..oh you’ve got a lot of equity,uhhh, no wonder we [ocwen] are coming at you so hard.,,id hire a good real estate attorney…… I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from this rep. from ocwen. and after he saw the look in my eyes he backed up. for good reason I might ad. I took the piece of paper out of his hand,he replied, sir ,you cant take that sheet……. I said come get it you ,SOB. and walked away.. I have a current federal case against Ocwen,. without an attorney. I wonder if someone will represent me now?? But its all smoke and mirrors bullshit.lets see if a dime goes to those still suffering from whats supposed to be the American Dream of being a homeowner.. John C.Hacker III Costa Mesa,Calif. 714 317-0285 Ocwen can lick my Nutsack !!!!

  5. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Once again and just like always, this is a bunch of crap! 127 Billion and 2 Billion to those who suffered at the hands of Ocwen. Tell me, where does the remaining monies go to? Aha! Pam Bondi will step up on her podium and declare what a great AG she is and another Win-Win for the people of Florida. Good grief, I want to puke! Plus, if you read the requirements for any person to receive any of these funds, they will be lucky to get anything. NO monetary compensation, just ‘credits’ for doing this and that by Ocwen. No jail time, no personal responsibility from the head of Ocwen – NOTHING in the form of real criminal punishment.

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