Fla. Supreme Court Disbars Former Foreclosure King David J. Stern

Foreclosure King David J Stern

Fla. Supreme Court disbars foreclosure king David J. Stern

The Florida Supreme Court issued an order Tuesday officially disbarring David J. Stern, whose once-massive Plantation-based law firm collapsed amid allegations of fraudulent foreclosure documents.

Stern did not appeal a referee’s recommendation for the disbarment following an October hearing.

The Florida Bar pursued 17 complaints against Stern, who spoke publicly for the first time at the hearing and said he wasn’t to blame for mistakes made on foreclosures handled by his firm.

It was Stern’s refusal to accept responsibility for the problems that riled Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Nancy Perez, who acted as referee in the case.

“Mr. Stern has not expressed any remorse in these proceedings,” Perez wrote in her recommendation. “He has taken no responsibility.”

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David J. Stern Disbarment Order

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  1. MK says:

    You will all want to read this article–http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/01/31/aipac-the-denver-illuminati-wizards-espionage-and-frauds/

  2. Field says:


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  3. Dawn Dienhart says:

    I would appreciate if anyone could advise what to do about Judge Diana Lewis in the Palm Beach County Foreclosure Court Sabotaging my bank approved short sale.
    Re Judge Diana Lewis
    of the 15th Judicial Circuit
    Palm Beach County Court House
    205 North Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    Telephone: 561-355-2097
    JP Morgan has given final approval for the short sale of our home. JP Morgan, the Buyer and Closing agent have all stated they need 45 days to close and requested I ask the judge to cancel the Foreclosure auction date of Feb 6, 2014 to be rescheduled to Feb 28, 2014 or later. When trying to get a date for the rescheduling Motion to be heard; The Judge’s assistant Nicolette Anderson informed me that the Judge refuses to allow an extension. This is unreasonable because 45 days is the widely recognized standard time needed to purchase a property. The Judge is unreasonably sabotaging the Short Sale and preventing JP Morgan from complying with our Attorney General-Pam Bondi’s settlement, and preventing Banks, homeowners, Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Lawyers, Closing Agents and all those working to manage this difficult challenge. The Judge is also causing delays of the Short Sale process and clogging the court room by not allowing parties adequate time to complete necessary steps to complete a short sale and thereby necessitating additional action to allow adequate time such as Motions for Continuances, which causes even more delays. So much time and effort is needed by all involved and not knowing if they will have adequate time to complete the process, causes the process to stall more by causing everyone to wait for each additional Motion to be filed, heard and ruled upon before proceeding further. I have been informed by JP Morgan and the Closing Agent that; after the JP Morgan issued preliminary approval of the short sale; JP Morgan’s final approval was delayed 5 weeks due to the Judge not allowing enough time for traditional delays due to the Holiday Season. The Judge has caused all these delays by not allowing adequate time to complete the many steps of the short sale process and now refuses to allow time to compensate for the delays she has caused and wasting everyone’s time, energy and money for nothing. Judge Diana Lewis is a disaster, even when the banks and homeowners agree to a settlement ; instead of helping the short sale process she harms everyone.

    • Incognito123 says:

      If you represent yourself, file a JQC complaint against her for her bias and prejudice as well as violating your RIGHT to due process and equal protection. She has a duty and responsibility to protect your rights. Look up the Judicial Cannons for Florida, there are seven, and when you look over the Cannons and compare each to her actions, you will most likely find all kinds of violations, list each and every subsection that is violated and detail which of her specific actions violated that Cannon and why. File that into the case, and respectfully demand her recusal (removal) for fear you cannot get a fair and impartial ruling from this judge. If you have an attorney, don’t bother, your dead in the water.

  4. leapfrog says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now when he is going to jail?

    • Incognito123 says:


    • j Alonzo says:

      Yes when is he going to jail?!!!! What is going on? Its seems the jail system is only for We The Sheeple. He is probably friends with Rick Scott and Pam Bondi. He should be ordered to repay all his earnings he made and all those homes should be given back to the home owners, but that will never happen. This is as good as is gets. The Sheeple will have to
      except that the Republicans and Democrats all work for the Banksters and the New World Order. Wake Up Everyone!

  5. Glenn F. Russell, Jr. says:

    When will a related law firm principal located in Massachusetts meet the same fate? R u listening Martha Coakley, and BBO?

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