Ousted Judge Diana Lewis Among 53 to Apply for Openings on Judicial Bench

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See who wants to be a judge: Diana Lewis among 53 to apply for 3 seats

From the PB Post…

WEST PALM BEACH — Having been thrown off the bench by voters in August, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Diana Lewis has figured out another way to keep her job.

Lewis, who officially will leave the bench in January, is among the 53 judges and lawyers who have applied to fill three openings on the county’s judicial bench.

In addition to Lewis, attorneys Peggy Rowe-Linn and Maxine Cheesman, who were defeated in another August judicial election, and former federal prosecutor Dina Keever, who ran unsuccessfully for Palm Beach County state attorney in 2012, are seeking the spots.



2 Responses to “Ousted Judge Diana Lewis Among 53 to Apply for Openings on Judicial Bench”
  1. lele says:

    What can be done to keep Lewis from being rehired? Our government needs judges that want to uphold the law not destroy it.
    Tell her to look under help wanted…perhaps she can get a job with her banker buddies!

  2. dc says:

    Why not uh,here in the territory formerly known as The United States of America they like to give the real criminals a chance to better themselves,fatten up their already fat pensions,and maybe get someone from the clubs son off for murder or something.No joke this freakin country is a sh.t storm of garbage at present and we the people have allowed it.

    Its not good and as far as I can see anything shy of taking to the mother f…ing streets en masse will not get these tyrants to stop raping the people,its Them against Us and they want all you have,your home,your money,your cars,anything you got they want it,and thats because They think they are better than US.They think they are smarter,more deserving,more entitled,better dressed and just plain better,how dang hard is it to win the game when the game is rigged for them to win?Like how satisfying is that Not,but they dont give a hoot.We need to organize ASAP.thanx i feel better now

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