Trashed Out: Bank Breaks In, Cleans Out Wrong House


“I don’t live there, and it was just tools, lumber and whatnot, but it’s just bizarre that this would happen,” he said. “It’s my place and all these people were in there and they took my stuff. Yeah, I feel violated.”


Bank breaks in, cleans out wrong house; balks at making homeowner whole

Until this year, Honesdale attorney Jeffrey S. Treat thought he had seen everything in the wild world of home restoration, flipping and landlording.

CitiMortgage and its agents confused his handyman’s special — a small, long-vacant foreclosure he purchased for cash at 1526A Thackery Avenue in Scranton — with a home it foreclosed on two doors down.

In several visits from June through July, the bank cleared Mr. Treat’s building of its contents, including tools, building materials and replacement windows.

The bank changed the locks and crudely padlocked and posted the home.

This came as a great shock to Mr. Treat, who had no mortgage on the home and no relationship with Citi.

Unable to reach an agreement with the bank or the company that did the property clean-out, Safeguard Properties of Valley View, Ohio, Mr. Treat sued them and CitiMortgage Inc. of O’Fallon, Missouri, for the $3,500 estimated worth of what they removed and $5,000 for trespassing and damages.

A spokesman for Citi said Safeguard Properties and Mr. Treat are trying to resolve the issue. But Mr. Treat is past negotiating and is preparing for court.

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