Florida Man Dies After Collapsing in Foreclosure Court


Valrico man dies after collapsing in court

TAMPA — A 67-year-old Valrico man died Tuesday morning after collapsing in a Hillsborough courtroom during a hearing on the pending foreclosure of his home.

Frank Collelo was with his wife, Antoinette Collelo, 57, when he fell to the floor in the Hillsborough County Circuit courtroom of Judge Wayne S. Timmerman around 9 a.m., according to Cristal Bermudez, a public information officer with the Hillsborough sheriff’s office.

Bermudez said deputies administered CPR to Collelo in court until emergency services arrived and transported Collelo to Tampa General Hospital. He was pronounced dead there around 9:45 a.m.

Medical calls in court are common, said Major Jim Livingston, with the sheriff’s court operations division. But in the nearly six years Livingston has worked at the court, he doesn’t remember a death.

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3 Responses to “Florida Man Dies After Collapsing in Foreclosure Court”
  1. Denise Kerrigan says:

    I need someone to help me with my mortgage problems. Again, I’ve been a victim of mortgage fraud. In 1990, I became aware of a mortgage scam after viewing my documents when I went to refinance with Com-Fed Mortgage ( Massachusetts ) when we noticed on their documents, that they had inflated our incomes. All the lawyers did was take all our money, gave poor advice, so I loss a single family home with attached business. My first investment was a two family, which I had bought in 1984 with an insurance policy was left for me after my second husband committed suicide. We managed to hold on to the first home but the money I loss, I could have paid my house off at least twice. I married my third husband in 2000 & he had no idea what I went through in the early “90’s”. In 2002, my husband was diagnosed with liver cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, & Hepatitis C. He under went a liver transplant the next year. My husband wanted to have the house sided with new windows (house is 103 years ). He called to see if he was eligible for a new mortgage & an agent come representing Allied mortgage but change to Country-Wide mortgage in 2005. I didn’t sign this agreement because I didn’t like the way it sounded. My husband passed in 2007, and left me with a mortgage of almost $4000.00 a month something I could never afford because I was on disability & work part-time, my about $2000.00 a month with rent that varied. I made one payment in February, 2008 which was almost $4000.00 & then stopped because first I realized I didn’t sign this & second I couldn’t afford this!. I’ve again have had 3 lawyers, where the first, the bank wouldn’t answer her calls, second, told him this was a fraud case, but he was doing loan modification, which is illegal in MA & just took my money, & the third did the same thing. The bank would never answer letters or phone calls & this makes the statue of limitation run! Bank of America has transferred this over to Ocwen Servicing which is threatening foreclosure & I just found out Ocwen has sold mortgages to another company. I’ve tried contacting my Senators and other political figures to no avail & received no contact at all. I’ve been doing this for over 7 years. I’ve been in my home for over 30 years & I will not leave! This corruption needs to stop & our Officials need to be held accountable. If anyone can help me, it would be appreciated because if I lose my house, I’ll definitely be homeless! Thank- You, Denise L. Kerrigan

  2. Brookwood Carolina says:

    My heart breaks for him and for his widow. They took my husband too, as surely as if they had pulled the trigger themselves and then they denied any responsibility. What shameful times we live in. May God be with this grieving widow.

    • Gracious Faith says:

      and does anyone wonder WHY people are acting as INSANE as they do?? and in what they do?? The criminals are the gangster banksters, do not give into them what ever you do – Call mark Stopa in tampa FL for defense

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