The Effect of the Great Recession on Child Well-Being

Homeless Child

The Effect of the Great Recession on Child Well-Being

While the Great Recession technically ended in June 2009, many families, including those with children, continue to feel the effects of the United States’ most serious economic contraction since the Great Depression. As of 2013, 14.7 million children were in poverty, a significant increase from the 12.8 million children in poverty before the recession began.

This paper is a follow-up to a paper published in 2010 entitled The Effect of Recession on Child Well-Being. This paper synthesizes evidence of the effects of the Great Recession on child well-being. It examines four domains – health, food security, housing stability, and maltreatment – and reviews the relationship of each to the well-being of children during the Great Recession. This paper analyzes research and data from before, during, and after the Great Recession.


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  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    This sickens me! Murder/Suicide is rampant in Florida and the so-called news reports never even mention that the home was/in foreclosure. They always attribute it to some mental disorder. Look at your news stations and who heads them up… will find that most of the major stations have a ‘connection’ to the White House, either by marriage or otherwise. Do you really believe we are getting ‘honest’ news?! HA.

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