Happy Passover



4 Responses to “Happy Passover”
  1. Ingrid says:

    My townhouse in Florida is in Foreclosure….the County Inspectors came by my house and demanded I get rid of my hot tub as they felt it would attract flies….they threatened $1000 a day so if U ad it up that is $365,000 in a year.! the bankers and mortgage servicers in Florida have been given a complete pass by the Attorney General Pam Bondi who has had only two goals…get Romney elected and stop Gay Marriage in Florida….she failed at both.

  2. sysmopress says:

    Yes it is, but we need to something for the future, and one thing we need to do, is leave those in the ring alone.They started over again, let’s see what happens so Iost my home where I put all my savings in getting better but it looks that it is what it is. I will not compare my pain in regards to my home never but it hurts.

  3. concerned21 says:

    It’s hard to enjoy any holiday when your lives have been ruined at the hands of UNETHICAL people. Banks, Attorney’s and Judges! It is a disgrace to illegally lose your home that was paid off and there are people living in their homes and haven’t made a mortgage payment in over 4 years????????????????????????

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