Keiser Report: Don’t Stop ‘Banker Bashing’!

Keiser Report: Don’t Stop ‘Banker Bashing’!


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  1. Trey says:

    wow.. what a fight we have —- take them down greedy souls…we are not their slaves— our money belongs to us and those retirement plans were invested by judges
    and the risk was on them……

  2. In our quiet time before oral argument begins at 5USCA, I’d like to thank all these forum members for all they do. Some of us stay up late at night just to vent, some of us to educate. The national discourse that everyone who bought a house is pond scum is changing to put the onus onto everyone who steals money, forges documents, lies in court, defrauds pension funds…even judges are becoming educated, and more and more intolerant of what they see in court every day. I have pursued all my education as an engineer, and all my legal education has been acquired since my wrongful foreclosure experience, reading laws, reading rules, reading these forums. All of these forums are common resources for all of us. Whether or not our individual cases prevail, they leave a trail of valuable bread crumbs for others working through the forest. And where else can we have such fun bear-baiting? My counterparties have stuck to the honorable and statistically effective defense of flat denial since 2012. Now in 2015 they have reported to their investors they have set aside $50M for an anticipated consent judgment they are anticipating soon. I am only one of the grains of sand in their gearing. In the last ninety days of 2014, there were 23,500 other pieces of sand in their gears, and a lot of busy little vice presidents. At some point, the machine stops…..we all have an effect.

  3. john beekman says:

    How about the securitation and subsequent sale of your homeowner loan. The bank was paid but they still go after the homeowner via foreclosure. Known as “double dipping”-a securities fraud. getting paid twice-what a deal.

  4. neidermeyer says:

    I love Max Keisers vest ,, the backside cloth is covered with Jolly Rogers!

  5. cookie says:

    go go go! You aren’t alone in your bashing, but your audience is listening..

  6. OCWEN,HSBC,AHMSI, all thieves and with no less Federal Dist Ct Oregon Judge Anna Brown who GAVE my home without PROOF OF STANDING and refused to allow me, pro se, to appear before her and my adversaries in court. Collusion, ? Maybe, miscarriage of justice and violation of my Constitutional rights, if I can still read the US Constitution correctly. They really damaged me.

    • American Citizen says:

      Same with my home, they forged my instruments because I rescinded the loan for preditory lending, then two years I rescinded the assignment to Nationstar again forging more documents to take my home. The Courts have their necks in the MBS on their retirement so they just push Pro Se aside like we don’t have any rights. But I will not go away, I have filed a Lis Pendens and getting ready to sue all of them involved along with at least 100 violations of TIL, RESPA, UCC, Predatory Lending and more, Beware GMAC, MERS, NATIONSTAR, and OCWEN, I’m coming back at you with all my life blood until you are down for the count, give up now you are looking at prison time. Borrowers, find all your closing documents and read every page and pay attention to who your Settlement Service you paid for, they switch Settlement services to forge new documents to hang you with the help of MERS.

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