LegalYou: Our FREE Legal Help Service is Almost Here!


LegalYou: Our FREE legal help service is almost here!

In our last email, we gave you a small taste of our awesome new legal self-help service, LegalYou. Now we’re only a few short months away from going live. The excitement and anticipation is palpable.

Ice Legal, the law firm behind LegalYou, is bringing this much-needed online service to the people because that’s who they believe the law belongs to.

When it comes to a citizen’s civil legal matters, the power should be firmly in the citizen’s hands. Period. And once you have all the tools you need to confidently represent yourself in court, there’s no need to spend thousands of your hard-earned dollars on a lawyer to handle a civil case. This is what LegalYou is all about.

The LegalYou team is working hard every day to maintain and grow a complete, all-in-one public resource. By taking a moment to answer one question about your top two legal concerns, you’re helping make LegalYou a better service.

Your brief participation will go a long way. Once again, here’s the link:

It’s a favor not only for us, but for every LegalYou user in the country. Thought contributions like this are one of the many things that makes LegalYou ‘of the people’.  And we intend to keep it that way.

Thank You,

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