An Invitation to Check Out – A New Site Where Justice Will Be Served with a Twist!


Lawtender – Where Justice is Served with a Twist!

We are happy to announce the launch of!, the latest innovation from the team at LegalYou, will be focusing on various issues relating to access to justice, judicial bias, the lack of separation of power between branches of government, use of technology in the law, gamification as a learning tool in legal settings, the changing relationship between clients and lawyers, unbundled and limited representation service models, automated documents and their role in access to justice, antiquated rules and procedures that hinder independent litigants (their word for pro se), diminished legal aid funding, rewriting the law in plain language, bar regulations and how they need to adapt with times… and more!!!

They will also be providing the latest updates from their soon to be launched site, where all you need for your case is in one place!

So belly up to the bar for a refreshing, sometimes frothy, drink of logic and sanity served up by the Lawtenders of LegalYou.


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3 Responses to “An Invitation to Check Out – A New Site Where Justice Will Be Served with a Twist!”
  1. marsh says:

    They went on long vacations I would Imagine.The American people have allowed that crap and the more we allow the more the biggest crooks will take,our elected officials are acting like rock stars but worse.Thats big government on drugs and money.I want to know why people havent been dying for these crimes.

  2. Christie Bishop says:

    So far, Colorado has not had any chance of obtaining any good qualified assistance with foreclosures and rights that had been violated!
    We have a crooked system here! What is there with our CRS rules that you can assist us? So to the best of my knowledge nothing had changed & Castle Law Firm has done massive amounts of damages and now office is closed and no idea as to where they went!

    • Danelle Hills says:

      We have MAJOR problems in North Carolina. The law was written to favor the lenders, many years ago when it SEEMED bankers had ETHICS. Nothing could be further from the truth today. Greed rules! So our state is non-judicial foreclosures. No chance to defend or fight back, and there is a presumption that everything the banks and lenders file is OK. There is no statute of limitations on the banks or lenders, either, for how long they can continue to try to foreclose until they get it done. However, the homeowner only has 3 years from date of purchase closing or date of refinance closing to sue the banks and lenders for fraud or violations. And I was told by my lawyer that once the Clerk of Court has granted the lender the foreclosure and set the date of sale, even with an appeal the homeowner CANNOT get his house back. It is gone. Game over.

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