Wells Fargo “Forgives” Mayor’s Mortgage on Day of Election

“Bank records show that Wells Fargo authorized the release of the remaining lien, $91,621.94, on April 22, 2014, the day of his election.”


Wells Fargo “Forgives” Mayor’s Mortgage on Day of Election

In 2007, Yarber took out a 40-year, $92,872.48 mortgage on his south Jackson home. On May 16, 2014, 22 days after taking office, the lien release was recorded in Chancery Court.

A few weeks after being elected Jackson mayor in 2014, Tony Yarber stood in his pulpit at Relevant Empowerment Church and spoke of his blessings — the bank “washing away” his nearly $100,000 mortgage.

“Election is over. We trusted God. Y’all talked all that noise,” Yarber said in his sermon. “And while they was running their mouth, a letter came in the mail from Wells Fargo. The letter said, ‘Dear Mr. Yarber, concerning loan number whatever it was, at 1605 whatever street you stay on, we have no more interest in that property. Consider the $92,000 that you owe us washed away.’”

The audience cheered.

Two years later, and about a year out from the next mayoral election, that revelation is fodder for Yarber detractors, who believe his house was paid off.

Yet evidence suggests Wells Fargo forgave his mortgage.

Sure enough, records in Hinds Chancery Court show the release of his mortgage, which typically indicates the remaining lien has been satisfied. But at the time Yarber was in financial straits, having not paid his house note in several months.

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  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Nobody wants to comment? Afraid it would be construed as not politically correct or racial? Just more fuel to the fire that the American public has become afraid of the truth! Truth is, this man posed as a Man of God, using God’s powers as some sort of reward to this ONE man by making his mortgage magically disappear. Right! More than likely there is some sort of a ‘favor’ that was sought by or on behalf of Wells Fargo. Follow the money trail……it won’t lead to heaven I can assure you!

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