Lil’ Kim’s New Jersey Mansion Faces Foreclosure


Lil’ Kim’s New Jersey Mansion Faces Foreclosure

Lil’ Kim has a big problem, and it’s in the form of her mansion in Alpine, NJ. The chart-topping rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, has stopped paying the hefty monthly mortgage on her longtime residence, and the home’s in danger of going into foreclosure once again, according to Bossip.

Jones bought the mansion in May 2002 for $2,275,000, according to property records. Court records obtained by Bossip show she had a mortgage of approximately $1.6 million and started missing payments in 2009, before HBC Bank sued her in 2010. The gossip site also mentioned Jones faces a mortgage payment of $9,935 a month.

After that first skirmish, the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap managed to make her monthly note for a few years. However, the payments stopped sometime last year, and records obtained by Bossip say the bank sued the diminutive rapper again in December 2015. They haven’t been able to work out a deal as of yet, and unless Jones can step up or a judge steps in, her home will go up for auction.

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