Irresponsible Banks: Ocwen / Wilmington Savings Fund Refuses to Clean Up Trashed Out Foreclosed Home


House cleanout after foreclosure riles neighbor in Kingston

From the Daily Freeman:

Heppner has complained to the city about the piles of trash, but they remained there on Friday. If such an eyesore were next to Mayor Steve Noble’s house, she said, it would have been cleaned up by now.

But Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Tiano, who heads the city’s Building Safety Division, said the due process in forcing private property owners to clean up is a slow one.

In this case, Tiano said, the house became the property of the Wilmington Savings Fund of West Palm Beach, Fla., some time ago. The property, Tiano said, was foreclosed on by the bank.

In March, a letter was sent to the bank notifying the financial institution it had 30 days to clean up or it would be fined.

The cleanup did not occur, Tiano said.

So, by law, the city needed to send a second letter saying a $1,000 re-inspection fee had been assessed on the property. That letter went out in April

Then, just recently third letter went out, as required, Tiano said. He said reinspection fees charged to the bank now total $3,000.

Eventually,Tiano said, when legal deadlines are up, the city can consider whether the Department of Public Works should enter the property and remove the assorted garbage bags and debris.

If the fees and the costs for removing the debris aren’t paid, Tiano said, the property owner’s tax bill will have all fees and whatever it cost to remove the debris attached to it.

Maybe we should pull out our old Bermuda Triangle Recovery Services shirts and take a trip over to Wilmington Savings Fund of West Palm Beach to deliver a message like we did with Ocwen back in the day…

At a closer look, the property is serviced by Ocwen. That’s probably why they have a West Palm Beach address. What a coincidence.



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  1. Bruce R Nelson says:

    Nothing negative surprises me when it comes to Ocwen, currently supposedly being punished by Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. to the turn of Two Billion Dollars for massive commission of fraud o which I am a victim. After 2 years of abject failure to communicate with me or repay the $300K equity they stole from me (with the judicial assistance of Portland, OR Fed Ct Judge Anna Brown. I sicked CFPB on the Ocwen Omnudsman which after 2 long years of hanging onto my money like mongoose with a cobra in its mouth, at CFPB proding I got two Ocwen letters fom Ocwen lacky Maria Esquival, Ombudsperson in Clearwater, FL where she pronounced to me that she would be back with me by March 31. Today is June 4th. Not a week letter she hits me with yet another letter in which she advises me that the plethora of documents and court records which approx 2 years ago Ocwen acknowledged receipt by FedEx from me. Her 2nd letter advises me that Ocwen has LOST or MISPLACED all my files and records and they expect for me to do their work to reconstruct those files!!!! Ain’t gonna happen. I would suggest my records are in the same place they “lost”, you know the unimportant items such as the Original Promissory NOTES and those insignificant ORIGINAL MORTGAGES, which Ocwen has not and can not produce as required by law which apparently at least on Federal Ct Judge I am familiar with )Anna Brown who give baaad guy in my case, my home with out proof of standing. Standing seemed to mean nothing to Brown, and she is a federal Judge SWORN to uphold FEDERAL LAW )TILA 1968, it is my opinion she should be fired ab disbarred from ppracticing law, ever!

    Wait a second, she should be hired by the creeps and lawbreakers she gave my home to! Thats the ticket. Her job should be hands sanitizing all these homes that are rtting awat under Ocwen soooo competent hands

    Blabber Mouth Bruce on his rant again!

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