Please Help Stop Wells Fargo Foreclosure on 85 Year Old Woman with Alzheimer’s Disease

Wells Fargo

Stop the foreclosure on the home of our mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease

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  1. I have sale date on my house and I need help to stop it I am senior citizen and I was put into prendaling loan have not paid mortgage since 2009 to do with chain of title original note please email please I need help

  2. Julia Young says:

    Happy to see the blog site really open up and tell these people’s individual stales of predatory loans and losses. It is the ONLY way to get them in the face of the public as victims. I heard this blog mentioned by a newscaster. I don’t recall how or why but I know it is beginning to make waves. Expanding beyond Florida and opening up that can of worms to the nation can change things drastically but it must be shared and liked and promoted to survive. California’s bill is a good beginning. We in the non-judicial states are at the MERCY of big banking. Yes predatory lending is still out there and again thriving! WHY? It makes money for those who use it as a legal method of stealing people’s homes. They got by with it before by paying fines and they will try that again but the key is to get people in Congress and the White House that will NOT tolerate deregulating the banking industry!
    Spread the WORD!!!

  3. mike Drouin says:

    Your Mother needs to do a letter of rescission to the entity that securitized her loan behind her back . That is illegal and is called ” THE INTENTIONAL TORT OF CONVERSION ” Do the letter of rescission and put the house in one of the kids names . Show the sheriff’s office that you have a right by LAW to rescind the Mortgage contract and stay in the home !!!

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