Ocwen: Couple Alleges They Were Charged for Debts They Do Not Owe


Ocwen: Couple Alleges They Were Charged for Debts They Do Not Owe

GRETNA – A couple is seeking damages, claiming that they were fraudulently instructed to pay an amount they did not owe, as well as having property seized.

Warren J. Deemer and Mary Gilardi Deemer filed a suit against Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., as trustee for Argent Securities Inc., asset backed pass through certificates, series 2006-MI, and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC in the 24th Judicial District Court on May 12.

According to the claim, the plaintiffs received a letter from Ocwen on March 12, 2013, in which they were purportedly informed of a balance that they owed of more than $93,000. The suit states, though, that the plaintiffs were never owing of such a balance, and that they in fact were owed more than $600 in credit from the defendant. Due to the false action of the defendant, the plaintiff’s property was purportedly seized.

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  1. Bruce R Nelson says:

    Soorry for mistyping “protests” up abve I meant to type PROTECTS. I am sight disabled which interferes with my poor typing skills.

    Thank you fpr your patience with me

    Bruce R Nelson

  2. thekidde says:

    Baseball bat??

  3. thekidde says:

    People need firearms.

  4. Bruce R Nelson says:

    NOTE THIS…this past week the crook William Erbey Ocwen CEO/Pres has been dummped by whoever gets t dumpd bad gys and he is no longer with Ocwen. AND THE BEST NOOZ is he is being charged for fraud by SEC, et al. Thats the good news, the bad news is Ocwen in bad faith continurs to cliam “sorry Mr Nelson but Ocwen has LOST you files set yo us over 2 yeras ago. More bad news, Erbey no doubt will not go to Fedral Prison, He will be kissed on his ass by a court the protests corporate wrongdoers and Erbey will no doubt use MY $300,000. equity to get a sweet yatch and enjoy the fruiys of his and Ocwens thievery from over a million of us victims whom our goverment really does not give a rats ass about. After CFPB (a Federal Agency) nailed Ocwen for $2 Billion and then immediately left that looy in Ocwens dirty theiivin hands to “administer recovery funds to us suckers. I am heartbroken and even broker to ride out whats left of my lifge on welfare.


    Bruce R Nelson

    Banner Elk, NC 28604

    Ps all I want is my money, what about you folks?

  5. kimrbradford says:

    They took our payment and cashed my check, and then the next month thet sent papers stating they didn’t get the payment I made a copy of it to prove we made it, and they still took our home so the day after they threw us out I had to put 10, 000 down on the purchse of another home one the same street , they sold the home they stold from us, for less than I paid for my new home

    • Julia Young says:

      Impac is often the culprit behind Ocwen who services for Impac.
      Impac brags they OWN your loan and as owners can offer modification with extremely low interest adjustable rates encouraging homeowners to ‘miss’ a payment so they can justify a bogus loan modification scheme.for mere initial handling charges, often a thousand dollars or more to modify your loan at a 1-2% interest rate as enticement. Impac has their own representatives who solicit modification urging homeowners to let a payment slip by or two then for a fee they will modify the original loans into ARMs. Then they switch servicers. The new servicer denies the modification saying they aren’t obligated to anything prior to their service.. These people are crooks in cohoots together to dupe the homeowner. They force write insurance, deny payment, return checks, etc. all to force your loss. I am convinced they also dupe their smaller investors down the line in this scheme while penalizing homeowners and in the end back to Fannie Mae for their bogus ‘created’ losses. They don’t care what FNMA’s represents. It is all written off their books. They are making money front and back on victimizing homeowners. NO ONE is minding the store on these crooked schemes. It is purely a scam!

      • Julia Young says:

        I watched a lender foreclose on a home charge off $270K and then FNMA short for $86K .Agent made money, investors fought over buying the house. One got a great buy! Everyone made money off the homeowner’s misery!. Hard for most to understand but similar to depreciation over years then sell at a loss to offset tax burden. Similar here in that someone takes the loss who holds the risk on their investment, insurance on the loan and the homeowner is left with nothing but heartache!.

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