The Rule of Law: Foreclosure Fraud Perpetrator Sentenced to 18 Years in State Prison for Recording False Documents


California Foreclosure Rescue Firm Operator Sentenced

The former operator of a foreclosure rescue company has been sentenced to 18 years in state prison.

A Sacramento County jury in April convicted Richard Henri Fecteau, 52, of 23 felony real estate fraud charges involving grand theft, recording false documents and illegally acting as a foreclosure consultant. He was sentenced Friday by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Majorie Koller. In addition to the prison term, Fecteau was ordered to pay more than $35,000 in restitution to multiple victims he defrauded, according to a Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office news release.

Between 2011 and 2014, Fecteau ran a foreclosure rescue company called Team Fecteau. He directed homeowners to deed properties to a trust. The names of people who had recently filed bankruptcy were then named co-trustees of the trust, along with Fecteau, which placed an automatic stay against foreclosure of the property.


I thought the National Mortgage Settlement whitewashed crimes of  grand theft, recording false documents and defrauding foreclosure victims who’s mortgages were put into trusts.

My bad…


4 Responses to “The Rule of Law: Foreclosure Fraud Perpetrator Sentenced to 18 Years in State Prison for Recording False Documents”
  1. Hammertime says:

    Guess these guys weren’t paying members of the club.

  2. Bruce R Nelson says:

    Nice to see/hear at least some criminals are going to prison, but what about Wilbur Ross? What aboy ole Bill Ebrey (Ocwen), what about AHMSI Dave Friedman?What about US Execs of HSBC (collaborators with its partner Ocwn..huuumm, gee I wonder who else. Ocwen/HSBC/AHMSI store my home eaquity over $300k based on reverse mort AAP appraisal just as Fed Judge Anna Brown decided to give HSBC/Ocewen/AHMSI my home as dismiss me withprejudice puting my very health and life in grave (no pun) dangr….Hell will be brimming with all these co-conspitators to visciously steall our AMERICAN DREAM>

  3. Diane says:

    Should be a lot more names on that list!!!

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