Bankers’ Hours Column: Fraud is Not So Easy to Prove


Bankers’ Hours Column: Fraud is Not So Easy to Prove

And when it is, it is whitewashed by the  ~ 4closureFraud

The federal government has been notoriously unsuccessful in prosecuting fraud cases against banks and investment firms in connection with the financial crisis of 2008.

Just recently, a federal appeals court reversed a lower court levied fine of $1.27 billion against Bank of America, as well as a $1 million civil penalty against one of the bank’s executives.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, some 156 cases have been brought against banks and their employees since the great meltdown, with charges resulting against 47 people, 24 of whom either settled or pleaded guilty. That leaves just 11 contested cases, and only five of those were found guilty.

That kind of a batting average would get an outfielder sent to Fargo, and it’s prompted speculation that the fix is in. Sen. Elizabeth Warren once asked pointedly at a banking committee hearing why so few bankers have gone to jail.

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3 Responses to “Bankers’ Hours Column: Fraud is Not So Easy to Prove”
  1. lvent says:

    Not one banker has gone to jail over this that I know of.

    LEE FARKAS of COUNTRYWIDE was the mere mention the bankers were inherently & underhandly involved in the BANK FRAUD that left many broke & homeless in our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC by ignorance of DUE PROCESS LAWS in our great country.

    That’s the pity of it in reality with so many rules, none get followed by the bench.

    So they’re telling us we’re slaves & not human beings with U.S. CITIZENSHIPS that protect our natural born LEGAL RIGHTS.

    That’s why the FOUNDERS feared some foreign power taking over because of not being born here on U.S. SOVEREIGN SOIL which was well founded.

    Though I’ve been defending 2 FC’s myself, PRO SE, for over 5 years now by no choice of my own, I have innate patriotism for the U.S., even though the system is so corrupt & has been extremely harsh on me personally, this is my country, where I was, born in 1963, none the less.

    That brings me to what the real reason behind the loan mod failures really was because that did leave me no choice other than to defend my TITLES myself due to UNLAWFUL CONFLICT OF INTEREST ISSUES with the INVESTORS in this that do VIOLATE the 5th AMENDMENT TAKINGS CLA– USE of the U.S. CONSTITUTION & by doing so, violates every one of my LEGAL RIGHTS CRIMINALLY.

  2. lvent says:

    That’s what the representative from AG LISA MADIGAN’S OFFICE said to me over the phone one day.

    However, I disagree, fraud is easy to prove because the SECURITY is not recorded.

    Therefore, their judgments/orders have no legal validity so they’re null & void of legal force or effect due to the non-existant SECURITY under RULE 60 (b.).

    Because there’s FRAUD IN THE PROCUREMENT, there is no legal way in which they can proceed.

  3. Randall Stephens says:

    Richard Bowen wrote about the reversal by the 2nd Cir. COA. See here:

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