Mortgage Companies Seek Time Travelers to Find Missing Documents


Mortgage Companies Seek Time Travelers to Find Missing Documents

Recruiters are hiring for a job that shouldn’t exist: finding “missing” documents required to “complete” broken chains of title on mortgages entering foreclosure.

Since all assignments of mortgage should have been prepared and recorded within days of the transfer or sale — and the failure to do so irreparably ruptures chain of title — the companies would seem to be looking for time travelers or magicians.

Or maybe they want to manufacture false evidence to introduce into courts as a means to take away people’s homes.

Without a chain of title, documenting the sequence of historical transfers of title to a property, foreclosure proceedings cannot continue in a legal fashion. 

More from David Dayen at the Intercept here…


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  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Well, here’s some news: MERS (who the lenders used instead of filing the paperwork with the respective counties) was purchased by ICE (also reported on this site). The fraud just continues on and on and on….ICE who already is a provider of ‘data’ (i.e. fraudulent documentation) only makes it more convenient for them to continue the same path taken over the last 10+ years. MERS should have been forced to shut down considering it is a means of diverting not only monies due to the registering county agencies but it is a means to ‘hide’ true ownership or notes and mortgages. Even a class action lawsuit brought on by consumers wouldn’t hurt them as they would do just as all the other bankstas do…..settle for pennies on the dollar!

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