Foreclosure Tales from The Interwebz: Altisource, Ocwen, CRIMINAL TRESPASS, BURGLARY


Altisource Property Preservation Ocwen Loan Servicing, LP CRIMINAL TRESPASS, BURGLARY AND POSSESSION OF HOME Atlanta Georgia

Ocwen has refused a loan modification per the Attorney General National Settlement, U. S. District Court lawsuit.  Instead, sent Altisource Property Preservations to break in to my home removing locks off of the front security, front and entrance doors to my home.

The debt collection harassment started after my loan was transferred from Litton Loan Servicing, LP another horrible predatory loan servicer to Ocwen.  Right after I filed a RESPA letter disputing predatory loan terms is when Ocwen began criminally trespassing onto my property, burglarizing the home removing doors, locks and breaking windows to tale unlawful possession of my home.  This has been going on since 2011 and just today, June 28, 2016.

Ocwen tends to conduct break ins and files foreclosures around holidays to catch homeowners off guard.  My home was vandalized by them near Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July and Father’s day.

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This is deliberately done to cause emotional distress based on reports that Ocwen uses behavorial scientists to monitor their customers behavioral patterns.The criminal trespass can happened if you are in the home or not, it doesn’t matter because Ocwen has no regard for the rule of law and breaks the law anytime it pleases without filing proper foreclosure court actions, Writ of Possessions, ignores foreclosure mediation procedures, does not properly notify all mortgagors listed on the loan and still refuses to do loan modifications as they have been so ordered under consent by federal court judge.

Ocwen has scheduled two foreclosure sales in February and a few days ago on June 16, 2016.  I complained to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office and filed a formal complaint regarding lack of cooperation with the loan modification, criminal trespass and other foreclosure fraud abuses.  The attorney general ordered Ocwen to stop the auction sale.  A few days afterwards Ocwen retaliates by trying to take illegal possession of my home, putting a “LOCK BOX” on my door to keep me out of my home.

Their behavior is unlawful, outrageous and it is mind boggling that Ocwen would defy the attorney generals directive by coming onto the property to take possession of the home after they instructed them to cease and desist the auction sale.

More corruption, namely insurance fraud, Ocwen contacted my own homeowner’s insurance company that I pay monthly premiums too and demanded they cancel my insurance policy.  Ocwen then turns around and trys to put force place insurance on my home with American Assurity in the amount of $2,100 which is (3) times the amount of $800.00.  Now Ocwen turns around and said you need insurance.  Even more harassment, Ocwen’s agents vandalized the home and filed a claim with my insurance company demanding they pay them money without my permission making the check out to them.

I blame the federal government because they encourage through state programs banks, lenders and mortgage company’s to steal homes that are in foreclosure disregarding the rights of the homeowners.  Most of the homes that are being wrongfully stolen were not new home or money purchase sales, but home equity or refinances that elderly people had equity built up over 20 to 50 years.

Wall Street criminals devise predatory sub prime loan schemes to rob, steal and cheat purposely targeting majority women, African Americans, elderly, disabled and other minority groups out of their homes.

SOURCE: Ripoff Report


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  1. Ronnie Osburn says:

    We have much info about ocwen. They are frauds. Please contact me i can tell you what we are doing.

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