Foreclosure Tales: Parent’s Home was Illegally Foreclosed Without Proper Notice and Sold to Third Party


Parent’s home was illegally foreclosed without proper notice and sold to third party. What will happen?

My parents had a mortgage on their home, which they had consistently been paying for the past 6 years. This home is their homestead resident which they’ve been residing in continuously since they purchased it 6 years ago.

Apparently, they had been paying their mortgage using automatic bill pay and it was automatically being debited from their account by their bank and mailed to the bank. All was going well for several years, until the bill pay automatically got canceled.

Long story short, the Bank sent them a demand letter at the wrong address, and started foreclosure, but attempted to serve them at the wrong address (at their old address from over 10 years ago).

My parents had no idea this was all happening, and they took 3 month long vacation to go visit some relatives in a different country. When they come back, apparently the property was sold to a third party, and they had moved everything out and even completed renovation.

Their attorney says it’s wrongful foreclosure due to improper notice, but it might be difficult to get the home back since a 3rd party purchased the home at auction.

Is there a chance that the sale can be vacated and get their home back?



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  1. lvent says:

    Secret third party’s who enter into controversies to voice their own complaints in secret is nepotism.

  2. lvent says:

    You can’t be the same party to everything otherwise that’s conflict of interest.

    Third parties must reveal what precisely they were party to otherwise that’s fraudulent concealment of the note.

  3. lvent says:

    It really doesn’t upset me what’s gone on, it makes me disgusted by its vileness.

    U.S. CITIZENS who pay for everything in the first place getting kicked out into the street by militarism & nothing else.

    Corruption is militarism that’s supposed to be hidden from the people.

    It is UNLAWFUL CONFLICT OF INTEREST but it’s militarism none the less.

    Those who say they’re doing things for security purposes don’t mean ours, they’re looking out for themselves.

    It’s INVESTMENT FRAUD first & foremost but the reason for it is paramilitarism & it’s foundation is INSURANCE FRAUD.

    They insure created risk so it’s ideology is paramilitarism that is substandardized CONTRACT FRAUD.

    You can’t be the ARTICLE 3 NOTE & the ARTICLE 9 INVESTMENT SECURITY otherwise it’s CONTRACT FRAUD.

    We never signed contracts with substandardized housing developers who insure the risk they’re house of cards is going to implode upon its own created risk models.

    Therefore, no contracts ever existed within the meaning of the law in the first place.

    So they would have to produce the substandardized housing lease contract that says they intended us to be renters from the onset is what not having the note really means & they don’t have that contract either of course.

    If they did, they would be saying the servicers own everyone’s property & that’s impossible because servicers have no legal right to transfer titles to real property under the PROSPECTUS which severely limits their duties & gives them no legal power whatsoever.

    If their shareholders that’s criminal because they’re subletting our money to themselves.

    The truth is, they’re some sort of military tribunal because they’re stealing & that’s religious sacrilege fundamentally like this is the CRUSADES which never gets declared openly & that’s how they’re hiding this covert war on us.

  4. lvent says:

    It’s been said there’s civil war brewing in the U.S. but I disagree because the enemy gangs up on you unjustly before you have the chance to ever know it.

    That’s how betrayal works, by the time you recognize it you’ve been betrayed & you never knew it.

    I’m sure JESUS thought he knew who his enemy was & he probably never did.

    Some think he escaped the traitors but I think that’s unlikely because it’s impossible to hide from them.

    In today’s world of high tech surveillance where they can watch your every move we’re more like their prey, which is reckless endangerment by spying UNLAWFULLY.

    So to those who say they have nothing to hide they’re going to find out they’re going to make something up for them to want to hide.

    In their quest to conquer they want everyone’s castle & that includes mud huts so no one can say they hold their own titles to nothing.

    Even those improvised houses out in the wilderness people built to call something their own won’t be hidden from the tyrants because they want to be callous & steal.

    When it comes down to the nitty gritty they want everyone to believe they have owners.

    I won’t ever believe that no matter what, however, they never quit trying to make you believe that.

    Therefore, I thank God for my CATHOLIC faith that really is my safe haven from their lawlessness.

  5. lvent says:

    It’s not quitting, it’s more like when you notice gray hair growing in places you can’t hide it & you figure it’s best to just get rid of it by removing it.

    They say you can’t beat city hall.

    I say why give city hall the chance to beat you unlawfully because they cheat?

    Cheating’s not winning so the jokes on the them for doing it.

    Moreover, it’s the “who is” city hall that’s hidden by fraudulent concealment of their identity that never gets revealed publicly in which they use to cheat which is AUTHORITARIANISM by secret tyrants who use others in secret to cheat.

    It’s totalitarianism by control freaks who shrink from their own controversies they cause because they’re cowards to the core of their beings.

    I have no respect for vigilantes or what they do to try & destroy the lives of others whatsoever because it’s criminal to say the least because it’s barbarism by vigilantism.

  6. lvent says:

    The legal justice system in the U.S. is protecting their own racket by engaging in SECURITIES FRAUD by every proxy imaginable.

    I’ve been made the victim of it by the power of persuasion because they know what means the most to you.

    My house was my safe haven where my kids grew up so I thought.

    It’s no more that place now than it ever was I simply didn’t realize it.

    Had I known of the deception, I would not have bothered to so staunchly defend it from the undisclosed enemies who used me to try & ruin me.

    This link speaks volumes to my claim that they don’t reveal their true identity & that’s proof of criminal intent by them.


    • BOBBI SWANN says:

      Ivent – I went to Utube to watch that video. First of all, you can barely understand the man in the white t-shirt. I could only understand about every 4 words. Next, there’s no way of knowing who these two mean are…??? I mean, is one of them supposed to be a police officer and the other an informant? Is one of them the informant? Which one? To me, this just appears to be a conversation between two adult males talking crap. Neither one them identifies himself. Who would believe anything in this video, esp. when you can’t even understand what they are saying….

      • lvent says:

        If you listen close you can get what’s being said. The guy was hired by the cops to rough people up & he wanted out.

        The FBI was involved in trying to get him out of the trouble he was in.

        If it weren’t true, they would be in trouble for implicating federal officers so it certainly isn’t nonsense.

        Moreover, who would want to take the time to make that video if it were true?

        Though they’re not talking loudly it doesn’t make it nonsense.

      • lvent says:

        CORRECTION: Who would want to take the time to make that video if it _weren’t_ true?

        I wouldn’t like to think they had nothing better to do than lie in regard to something that bad.

        Unfortunately, sometimes not unless it happens to someone they’ll believe it.

        We’re not in MAYBERRY no more. The cops brutalize people in lots of ways, both open & in disguise of others because they’ve been militarized.

      • BOBBI SWANN says:

        Ivent – sometimes there are certain people (personalities) that just love the limelight. UTube is one of those avenues to do just that. Why would some take the time to make a video if it weren’t true? Someone who needs attention. Don’t tell me you believe in the Wonderful World of Facebook where everybody has the perfect life, perfect job and never lies?

      • lvent says:

        I don’t go on facebook because that stuffs for teenagers.

        I don’t believe these 2 were lying because the topic is too involved.

        There’s lots of controversial videos on you tube & certainly that one is controversial, however, there’s lots of corruption & that’s why I don’t doubt the validity of it.

        Everyone has the right to their own opinion & mine is to keep my mind open to everything is possible.

  7. lvent says:

    CORRECTION – I defended 2 wrongful _FC’S_ myself, PRO SE,for the past 5 years is what I meant.

    This device spellchecker sometimes changes things without you noticing it.

  8. lvent says:

    For sure that’s what the investors do because they live to destroy the lives of others.

    I defended 2 wrongful TV’s myself, PRO SE for the past 5 years in COOK COUNTY ILLINOIS CHANCERY COURT & they nearly destroyed my life for doing it.

    My former FBI AGENT father said “don’t wait for the government to save you” when this fiasco began.

    I never intended to do that however, when no one does their job clearly there’s UNLAWFUL CONFLICT OF INTEREST & they want you dead because of it.

    Therefore, I did my best & I know I won but they can shove it because my life is worth more to me than them playing their selfish greedy games with it.

    Why people end up dead is caused by investment fraud by evil doers protecting things that don’t even exist so they can shove it.

    I would rather live on the street than let them kill me over it.

  9. BOBBI SWANN says:

    I find that there is something missing in this story from the daughter. First of all, it is nearly impossible to send a Notice of Default, file a Lis Pendens, attempt to server process (then do it via publication, have a final judgement and sell the house to a 3rd party all in a 3-month time frame. We already know that south Florida is saturated with fraud, true, but this would be impossible in a 90-day period. Hell, it takes nearly 6 wks from filing a Lis Pendens to even get the court hearing. Me thinks ‘mummy and daddy’ have some skeletons in their closet.

    To Foreclosure Fraud – I think it was presumptuous on your part to even (re) post this blog until you had done some further inquiring. For your readers and posters out there who don’t have a clue as to how the Foreclosure process works, it would just stir up a pot of steaming fraud where maybe none exists at all.

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