Violation Tracker 2.0 – National Search Engine on Corporate Misconduct


Violation Tracker 2.0 – National Search Engine on Corporate Misconduct

Washington, DC, June 28, 2016– Since the beginning of 2010, two dozen major U.S. and foreign-based banks have paid more than $160 billion in U.S. penalties to resolve a wide range of cases brought against them by the Justice Department and federal regulatory agencies. Bank of America alone accounts for $56 billion of the total and JPMorgan Chase another $28 billion. Fourteen banks have each accumulated penalty amounts (both fines and settlements) in excess of $1 billion, and five of those are in excess of $10 billion.

Along with misconduct that helped bring about the financial meltdown of 2008, the cases have involved alleged offenses in ten other major categories ranging from manipulation of foreign exchange markets to violations of rules prohibiting business dealings with enemy countries.

These are some of the key findings of The $160 Billion Bank Fee, a report that analyzes the data contained in Violation Tracker 2.0, an expanded version of a database on corporate misconduct. Both the database and the report are produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First and are available to the public at no charge at

The $160 Billion Bank Fee report focuses on a subset of the new data: 144 mega-cases with penalties of $100 million or more (not including private litigation) involving major banks. They account for more than 80 percent of the total-dollar penalties of the 1,300 cases in the Violation Tracker expansion. Among the report’s other findings:

  • Along with Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase, the other banks with the most penalties are: Citigroup ($15.4 billion), Wells Fargo ($10.9 billion), the French bank BNP Paribas ($10.5 billion) and Goldman Sachs ($9.1 billion).
  • The largest categories of cases are: sale of toxic securities and mortgage abuses ($118 billion in penalties), violation of rules prohibiting business with enemy countries ($15 billion), manipulation of foreign exchange markets ($7 billion), manipulation of interest rate benchmarks ($5 billion), and assisting tax evasion ($2 billion).
  • Of the 144 mega-cases, 120 were brought solely as civil matters. The other 24 involved criminal charges, though in two-thirds of those cases the banks avoided prosecution. The latter include 10 settlements with deferred prosecution agreements and six with non-prosecution agreements. The banks that have pleaded guilty to criminal charges include: Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse and Royal Bank of Scotland.

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  1. Bruce R Nelson says:

    Teah, I know of a female Federal District Court Judge in Portland, OR who must have enjoyed her crony Portland firm conspitre to steal my
    free and clear” home in Salem. OR This corrupt judge totally ignore her oath and obligation to UNHOLD the Federal Law of 1968, aka TILA which MANDATES absolute PROOF OF STANDING without which she had a legal duty to toss 3 corrupt banks and service companies out of her court room and into the gutter. I kinda wish she would sue me for licel for which the TRUTH is the inviolate defense. The compies she co-opted herself for are HSBC, FBI case charging them with LAUNDERING SOUTH AMERICAN COCAINE criminal profits, and OCWEN FINANCIAL whose 27 yr CEO William Embrey is plotting to move to Malta for the sole purpose of evading SEC, etc prosecution for massive securities fraud (and he got my $340k equity to help finance his plot to escape (also and entire corporate employee staff to lie, cheat and steal from perhaps millions of homeowners who are witting and unwittting acomplises and oh yes, Wilbur Ross, the Vulture Capitalist of Wall ST who was sole owner of AHMSI which he conspired with Embrey )I allege) to take AHMSI off his (dirty hands from ripping of thousands of former Wells Fargo PRIMEloand that Option One /AHM converted to “subprime” loans so Roos bought AHM out, changed the name to AHMSI and intentioally gutted millions of unwitting homeowners (me included) so Wille could set himself “free” for the huge liability his pal Embrey bpought….yeah I am aware of the shitstorm that surfaced in 2008 and opened the craphouse door to 2009 where I had the pleasue first of kicking Willes fat ass in Polk County Circur Ct. Oregon only to have his mouth piece lady attorney LOOSE for AHMSI in Judge Horners Court late December 2009 (Her name is “Teresa Shill” an attorney who will. in my opinion lie cheat and steal to eventually drag me into Judge Anna Browns CT AND get Brown to DISMISS me, a Pro Se litigant with prejudice to prevent me from appeal the scalping I was given by her., yeah, sure I know about 2008 and my aging life was crushed by what for all the world our Federal Government who we paid taxes to help PROTECT counsumers froim these kind of charletons. -30-

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