Foreclosure Tales: Ocwen Mtg Company Have my Home of 27 Years Turned Upside


Foreclosure Tales: Ocwen Mtg Company Have my Home of 27 Years Turned Upside

Ocwen Mtg company have my home of 27 years turned upside down from fees, forced insurances, etc. My nightmare started in 2012 when they gave me a mod which now we know was a fore bearance. I was paying until they said I had a negative escrow acct. that they divided by 12 and now my payment would be 1179 from 690.I could not afford it. They put my Oct. 1st payment in 2012 of 689 in escrow. Nov 2012 I sent 700 they sent it back. When I asked what to do, they said try for a mod. Most recent mod wanted 1400 plus could not afford. Also did not include insurances or taxes. I purchase my home 1979 for 35000. Now they say I owe them over 315000. Reinstate amt over 36000. The mod had a 145000 Balloon due 2036. I was about 32 yrs old in 1979.Now I am 66. How do I get out this nightmare? I am a stroke survivor and was retired from my job of 27 years. living off pension and soc. sec. now. In Miami. Help me please…

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  1. mike Drouin says:

    I’m sorry to hear what your going through , and although the dynamics of your situation may slightly vary from others , this is happening to millions of Americans across the Nation . I’m not going to sugar coat my response to you because the truth is ugly , and ugly , is offensive !!! I’m sure the Financial sector monitors trends in the Market and I’m sure they seen the wealth that had accumulated in the private sector Mortgage Industry and it’s my opinion , that the Mob influenced Government , paved the way for the Banks to go after it for , ” redistribution ” !!! The way it was executed was completely ” ILLEGAL ” and violated multiple categories of law , State , Federal , Contract , just to name a few with the investment banks making obscene profits selling securities using our homes to give value to those securities , and the ” Depository Banks ” as I call them , like , Wells Fargo , Bank of America , Citi bank , waited for the Free homes used in the ” illegal scheme ” . When you execute a scheme using ” Fraudulent concealment ” the LIE is perpetuated throughout the life of the scheme , that is they have to keep lying to cover for the original LIE ! So what is the original LIE ? While you thought you were in a Residential Mortgage , your Note was converted to securities without your knowledge , or permission . Your monthly payments were sent to an entity that took fees for handling the contract obligations of a totally different contract ( securities contract ) and sent the rest as a cash flow payment to the Investors on the other side of the contract . The Investment banks deceived the investor into thinking they were in long term investments , but the contracts were set up to go bust in three to five years !? By that time the house was fully paid for by the Investors , an obscene amount of money was made by the Investment Banks , and now it was time to get the free houses into the hands of the major Banks for redistribution , so they pull the kind of stuff they are pulling with you to get you out of the home !!! They don’t want to service a contract ( Residential Mortgage ) that has been converted . It’s called , THE INTENTIONAL TORT OF CONVERSION , and it is outright THEFT !!!! What Banks took the hit for this scheme ??? Lehman Brothers , and Bear Sterns , both investment Banks !!! here’s the kicker , all the homeowners involved in this scheme are entitled to the obscene profits made by the investment Banks using your home which gave value to the securities sold to the Investor ! If it cannot be determined how much that is , then it’s three time the worth of the house !!!

  2. Tim Allen says:

    America’s angry young people are killing all the wrong people!!! Start taking out the hiding scum bankers and their foreclosure Lawyers too. You would be my hero!

    • Bruce R Nelson says:

      As much as I detest any kind of violence be it on man or beast, but in the case of outer space vicious “aliens” like those that have wrapped their slimmy forked tongues. The scumbags that stole my $340k equity, sure, if I were a psychopath I’d have no concern of seeing then ge “done”

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