FEDSPEAK: Is Rising Unemployment an Early Warning of State-Level Recession?


Is Rising Unemployment an Early Warning of State-Level Recession?


Based on experience with national unemployment, analysts have viewed sharply higher state joblessness as signaling possible further deterioration. However, analyses indicate increasing state-level unemployment by itself does not indicate a recession, and that applying rule-of-thumb properties regarding recession to state economies is misguided.

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  1. Juan Reynoso says:

    I am 78 years old and I have experienced the takeover of our country by the oligarchs. It is the super-rich and the elite of the Republican Party Neocons warmongers that in a strategic partnership systematically are pushing back the progress of the American working class and all the effort of growing and improving our national economy. Via the mainstream news media the propaganda machinery that feed the people their unchecked misinformation and disinformation, the Republican Party Neocon Elite has even shanghaied the emotional support of everyday ordinary Republican and Americans into taking non-sensible political positions against their own best economic and self-interests.
    Today the people is waking up and seeing the results of the policies that were implemented by the puppets of the oligarchs “The majority of the neocons Republicans and the Democrats whores” that sell out to the oligarchs. Americans today find themselves to an increasingly unaffordable healthcare, a true unemployment of 18% with no private sector job or growth opportunities, poor quality education and few good teachers that really care to educate our children, a police force that is overpay and abuse their power and become the number one killers of the minority in this country. The American worker is the one that suffer the consequences, no one can denied that most American today work for slave wages that it is not enough to cover their family living expenses such as food, housing, health insurance, gas, and other things they need; we are on the path toward a third-world country, but it is not too late to change this path of self-destruction, millions of people recognize what is happening and they are join the BERNIE SANDERS political revolution to help all of us the ordinary American, in a sustained effort to get off our country from the path toward a third world country status. Thanks God we have some Republicans and Democrats that believe in our country’s mission, that our country was founded by the people and for the people; under the ideology that our government was formed to protect and defend our God given freedom and liberty to self-determination. Our US constitution and our Bill of rights it is based on the Bible principles “The laws of nature are the laws of God, whose authority can’t be superseded by no power on earth.”
    It is not too late to recognize, that what is happening in our country is the result of greed for power and money, the love for money destroy our nation moral values and responsibility. God is giving us hope to take our country back and reclaim our moral principles, take responsibility for the making of our future and embrace God’s laws as our guiding light to build a country with moral responsibility toward all humanity.
    Our country was formed under the Bible’s principles.
    The US Bill of rights.
    The Bible and Government
    Moral Responsibility towards others.
    Moral responsibility toward all humanity
    Neoliberalism greed for money and power to enslave the working people

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