Stop The Big Lie

the big lie

Stop The Big Lie

Our home is in foreclosure. President Obama, Congress and Senate members along with the Banks created the biggest lie in history of this nation to strip us of our rights and property. The big banks and Wall Street and the lobbyist have destroyed our economy, by creating tent cities for families that once owned their home.


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  1. Hammertime says:

    And now we have a sham of an election between the king and queen of liars. Agree this should be part of effort before the election.

  2. mike Drouin says:

    The way to stop the Big Lie , is to expose it with the truth . What is the BIG LIE ??? That the Mortgages brokered through ” Straw man lenders ” are actually legal !!!! They are not !!! and a contract born in fraud perpetuates Lies to cover the deception as was the case of millions of alleged mortgages between the years 2001 and 2007 . What are you talking about mike ??? Im talking about millions of mortgages brokered on PAPER ONLY , their terms were never executed by the alleged lender who never met the criteria of lender , because they are only the servicers of income streams created by an ” illegal contract ” Brokered behind your back and without your knowledge , using the theft of your personal property ( note ) in a scheme for obscene profits through Investment Banks . If the Mortgages are not enforceable , and the deceptive contracts brokered behind our back and without our knowledge are illegal , what are my rights ??? You have a right to Rescind / Cancel the bogus Mortgage contract under the Truth in Lending Act ( TILA ) Your Homes were fully paid for by Investors who were defrauded on the other side of the contract ! The Avaricious adventurers , played both ends against the middle . It was a designed scheme for profit and the theft of our homes . The Investment Banks needed our Homes / Collateral , to fuel their scheme , give value to the certificates sold to Investors who paid forward in the contract and tap into the income streams . The Investors thought they were getting into long term investments , but it was designed to fail in three to five years ! By this time the house was paid off , and tons of money was made by the entities involved , but the Investors and the Investment Banks had no recourse to the homes so they made up fraudulent documents to hide what was going on and put the FREE houses in the hands of the Major Banks like Wells Fargo , Bank of America , Citi Group , J P Morgan Chase ……

  3. Papergate says:

    Perhaps a sign just like this should be put on every single home in America along with the names of the entities – banks – PHH Mortgage – whatever entities – start negative advertising – perhaps these companies’ stockholders will notice if our own regulators won’t – let’s see 6 million signs like this throughout America – great advertising campaign – let’s get donations from companies who make these signs . . . better yet let’s just blow-up giant copies of fraudulent assignments for everyone to see and read – show the names and entities in full – one on each block . . . Good idea Charles!

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