N.J. continues to lead in foreclosures as country rebounds

New Jersey

N.J. continues to lead in foreclosures as country rebounds

New Jersey continues to lead the country in foreclosures despite a national trend showing many states recovering to pre-recession numbers.

Nationwide, properties starting the foreclosure process during the first half of 2016 were down 17 percent from the same time last year, the lowest figures recorded since 2006, according to data recently released by RealtyTrac.

One in 249 housing units currently have a foreclosure filings in the United States, or 533,813 properties. The homes in foreclosure account for .4 percent of all housing units across the country.

New Jersey has 34,876 foreclosure properties, just under 1 percent of the state’s housing units as of June, according to RealtyTrac.

The Atlantic City and Trenton metropolitan statistical areas, census designated areas with populations more than 200,000, have the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. Atlantic City’s region has a rate of 1.85 percent, and the Trenton-Ewing region has a rate of 1.31 percent.

Camden County led the state with 1,382 properties in foreclosure over the last six months, followed by Ocean and Essex counties with 1,339 and 1,279 foreclosure filings, respectively.

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  1. mike Drouin says:

    Shouldn’t the headline of the story read , N J Leads the Country in Illegal Foreclosures as the Country rebounds from the theft of those homes ???? from the Inception of millions of alleged Mortgage loans , the terms of the Mortgage contract were breeched by the purported ” Lender ” bringing NO CONSIDERATION to the table and involving the homeowner in a contract executed behind their back and without their permission . That contract was table funded by Investors who have no recourse to the property and the purported ” Lender ” was just a servicer of the income streams created by the illegal contract brokered behind your back , and without your permission !! It’s called ” FRAUD IN THE FACTUM ” and is subject to Rescission !!!!

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