War Veteran Gets Free Legal Help to Fight Foreclosure

War Veteran Gets Free Legal Help to Fight Foreclosure

The NBC 6 Responds team gets a lot of calls from people who need legal help but can’t afford an attorney so we went in search of agencies that provide legal assistance for free.

There are a number of non-profit organizations that offer free legal assistance in both Miami-Dade and Broward.

They mostly serve low-income clients but because they get funding from different groups, they can sometimes help other people in need, including veterans, regardless of their income.

That’s the case of a navy veteran who only wants to be referred to as Carlos.

Source: War Veteran Gets Free Legal Help to Fight Foreclosure | NBC 6 South Florida http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/War-Veteran-Gets-Free-Legal-Help-to-Fight-Foreclosure-387702551.html#ixzz4FiLGPMvS



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  1. Bruce R Nelson says:

    Well being a 77 yr old disabled vet living on ssa I can sure accept legetimate assistance. I lost my home $340k equity in 2010 to 2 criminal banks, HSBC partnered with Ocwen both we no know are criminal corporations, HSBC under a 2 billion penalty for laundering S American drug cartel profits and their partner, Ocwen who CFPB penalized then 2 Billion and then, beyond any belief, made Ocwen Ombudsman. Sweet deal for Ocwen to continur screwing people like me. Not a frackin dime and noting but BS for ove 2 trs now. I am now 77, my retirement destroyed living on ssI. But I do not believe anyone out their getting a paycheck and living fine is going toi assist me.. we will see on this connect

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