The Foreclosure Hustle: NY Post – Taking Out a Reverse Mortgage Ruined My Life


“A reverse mortgage is more trouble than help. If I had known it would be this bad, I would have sold my house.”


Taking Out a Reverse Mortgage Ruined My Life

When Frederick Feil took out a reverse mortgage on his Howard Beach home, he thought he was ensuring a comfortable future — not putting himself at risk of becoming homeless.

Feil, 67, who has a heart stent and undergoes dialysis treatments, is desperately fighting to prevent Finance of America Reverse from tossing him out of his home.

Feil took out a $353,000 reverse mortgage in December 2011, using all but a few thousand dollars to repay an earlier mortgage and cover hefty origination fees. Feil told The Post he fell behind on property taxes while in the hospital last year — and unexpectedly found himself in foreclosure last March when Finance of America Reverse called the entire balance, which has ballooned to $449,583.85 from interest and other charges, due.

Feil claims Finance of America’s servicer, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, gave him the runaround when he called about the default. The amount is not listed in the foreclosure complaint, which made it tough for him to catch up. Feil turned to lawyer Jennifer Levy of JASA Queens, which provides assistance for the elderly including legal services, she claims the case is riddled with errors.

Levy says Finance of America’s lawyer finally disclosed in May that the arrears totaled $15,375.

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5 Responses to “The Foreclosure Hustle: NY Post – Taking Out a Reverse Mortgage Ruined My Life”
  1. lvent says:

    To those who don’t think the investors in the fraud want that hidden they’re going to find out they’re gangstalkers by criminal entrapment.

  2. lvent says:

    I’m going to the bridgeview courthouse next tuesday instead & I’m going to tell you how it goes because the investors trying to steal everything from me run the courthouses too.

  3. lvent says:

    When the government spies on the citizenry it’s not only untrustworthy, it’s TRADING WITH THE ENEMY which is mob racketeering to gain unjust enrichment by spying unlawfully.

    It’s uttering to engage in crimes punishable under RICO so I think spying should be the PREDICATE ACT while uttering states the claim.

  4. lvent says:

    Moreover, I would have never thought being forced to defend 2 FC’s myself, PRO SE for the past 5 years would have revealed the spy government is the main culprit here.

  5. lvent says:

    They’re why I never take my gold cross off my neck because they’re religious persecutors.

    I remember watching NAME OF THE GAME the spy program where the spy thugs took this woman from her house which is TRADING WITH THE ENEMY unlawfully & that’s what it’s come down to which is criminal extortion by criminal trespass by forced coercion.

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