How The Feds Hired Serial Con Artist To Manage Mortgage Portfolio


How The Feds Hired Serial Con Artist To Manage Mortgage Portfolio

An image-cultivating, deal-making American expatriate who seemingly could talk himself into almost any job despite lacking essential skills and work ethic, bamboozled a top federal housing agency into putting him in charge of a $1.5 trillion portfolio of mortgage guarantees.

Multiple documents and interviews assembled by The Daily Caller News Foundation show that David Fender, chief financial officer of the Government National Mortgage Association — a.k.a. Ginnie Mae —  from 2014 to 2015, is a serial con artist operating a network of shell companies who has left a string of debts behind in the U.S. even as he claims to have accumulated huge sums offshore. Ginnie Mae is an agency within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Fender was fired from his previous job for running a side business using its resources, then lied about being a certified public accountant to get Ginnie Mae’s top money job and did the same thing there. His incompetence plunged the mortgage backer into such chaos that $6.6 billion couldn’t be accounted for, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported Sunday.

After being terminated by Ginnie Mae for deception, fraud and failure to pay taxes, Fender now teaches criminal psychology, accounting, marketing and fraud at Temple University’s Japan outpost, while continuing to run his side business, which seeks government contracts.

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  2. lvent says:

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