Fraudclosure: Judge Fines Foreclosure Law Firm $1.8 Million for Bogus Billings


“Lawyers abusing the foreclosure process to enrich their private bank accounts is a practice that undermines citizen’s faith in the legal profession”


Judge Fines Foreclosure Law Firm $1.8 Million for Bogus Billings

Hopp Law Firm found to have over-charged consumers for title policies

A Denver judge has fined one of the city’s prolific foreclosure attorneys $1.8 million for billing thousands of consumers facing the loss of their homes for title-insurance policies that did not exist.

Robert Hopp Jr. and his now-defunct law firm billed customers fighting foreclosure for policies that were never issued and inflated the cost of the few that were, the Colorado Attorney General’s office argued in a seven-day trial in February.

The 37-page judgement handed down last week by Denver District Judge Shelley Gilman is the latest in a number of cases the state filed in 2013 against lawyers that specialized in foreclosures and allegedly padded their bills for costs that were ultimately borne by consumers losing their homes, the banks foreclosing on them and taxpayers whose federal insurance agencies covered the costs.

Homeowners facing foreclosure had no choice but to pay the costs in order to stop the foreclosure process, and there was no process in place to challenge any of the fees lawyers said they were owed.

Several firms settled the cases against them, including one of the largest — Aronowitz & Mecklenburg — which closed its doors. The largest foreclosure law firm, The Castle Group, also closed, but remains entwined in a bitter court battle against the state and the fraud allegations made against the firm and its principal, Larry Castle.

Hopp was accused in the civil lawsuit of over-billing consumers on more than 2,200 foreclosure cases The Hopp Law Firm and Robert J. Hopp & Associates handled between 2008 and 2014.

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12 Responses to “Fraudclosure: Judge Fines Foreclosure Law Firm $1.8 Million for Bogus Billings”
  1. lvent says:

    & by doing so is what I meant in my previous comment.

  2. lvent says:

    OBAMA said people can’t handle their own AFFAIRS which is superficial because he promotes welfare which is nothing but red tape & forces people to fail by using the STATE to make it happen.

    For example MEREDITH WHITNEY said the MUNI’S would fail but what she provided was her theory that they were ever created & by doing do she stopped the bond market from being criminal investigated for credit swapping which creates losers.

  3. lvent says:

    If the link doesn’t go through you can look it up.

  4. lvent says:

    For example, the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is considered to be the EXECUTIVE BRANCH which is how they ridicule the U.S. CONSTITUTION by ignoring the PREAMBLE.

    By ignoring the PREAMBLE they become the GENERAL WELFARE which no one wants them dictating to us what they think.


  5. lvent says:

    So in other words the rule of law is being ignored be paramilitants posing like everyone imaginable because they’re securing their own fraud by trying to unlawfully criminally undermine WE THE PEOPLE.

  6. lvent says:

    Therefore, paramilitarism is ruling the U.S in secret.

  7. lvebt says:

    I’ve been being held under FALSE DURESS by FALSE IMPRISONMENT by them for over 2 years for defending 2 FC’s myself, PRO SE for the past 5 years & it’s clearly being done by paramilitarism.

  8. lvent says:

    Then they ticket & fine us for their opinions of us & they use routine traffic stops to punish the innocent victims of their unlawful spying.

    Who’s spying could be mobsters or other creeps so the paramilitarization of the legal system through law enforcement in the U.S. because of the 1033 PRIGRAM has made us sitting ducks to the worst criminal thugs there is because their identity is hidden.

  9. lvent says:

    The investors in their own fraud use warrantless wiretapping to take everything we say out of context.

  10. lvent says:

    They’re siphons who retrieve private information unlawfully to frame people because DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER is the name if their game.

  11. mike Drouin says:

    So the Law Firm , Who knows the Private sector is being scammed on a Grand scale by the Financial sector , with Federal Court Judges as their line of defense , thought they would try to pull a scam of their own ….. Sounds like the Law firm forgot to include the Judge !!! OH YES !!! IT’S THAT BAD !!!

  12. lvent says:

    PERFECT DEFAULT CORRELATION is proof the investment brokers set everyone up to fail to try & steal everything from us.

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