The STRANGEST Foreclosure EVER! (Courts Ignoring the EVIDENCE)

The STRANGEST Foreclosure EVER! (Courts Ignoring the EVIDENCE)

For so long now, we’ve all known that the biggest problems caused in foreclosures are not caused by defense attorneys or homeowners standing up to defend…the problem is that the banks over and over again fail to do their job…which is to provide trial courts the documents and facts necessary to grant a judgment of foreclosure.

The biggest problem now…and a problem that will plague Florida’s courts for decades to come…is that Florida’s trial courts have decided that it is their job and obligation to help foreclosing bank attorneys to fill in the holes and their cases. What we see over and over again are foreclosing plaintiff attorneys waltzing into courts with photocopies and allegations of evidence that just do not pass any kind of evidentiary muster.  And courts, rather than upholding basics of evidence law, just let them get away with inadmissable evidence.

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  1. lvent says:

    It’s the proletariats dictating their own fraud because they think they’re the keepers of others & they’re not.

    I have to go to the BRIDGEVIEW COURTHO– USE 2:30 tomorrow where they’re behaving like owners of others which is proof of FRAUD IN THE PROCUREMENT.

    I’m going to let everyone know how it goes when I get back here tomorrow because they’re SECURITIES FRAUD INVESTORS want to unlawfully steal everything from me by TITLE FRAUD.

  2. Al says:

    … this case they were several originals, different complaints “served” compared to the one slipped in cout file (never amended) . summary judjment granted when discovery was pendent also not even the fake note(s) on file !!! (in fact there was not even a complaint in court file which magically dissapeared with the other fake papers including old copies of the “original” versions of the notes… ….+ fake signatures ,fake “assignment” fake notaries …you know all the package….etc etc….

    notice how the trial judge just “reads” super fast (yeah right) and passes the pages

    in the other one (appeal) there was so many issues and fraudulent papers that even one judge adviced to get help from the bar …..they refused to review the fraudsters lack of standing…..

  3. mike Drouin says:

    There are a couple of cases here in NH , where the Federal Court Judge is doing that very thing . In theses cases it can be proven that the ” Mortgages are the Fraud ” and are subject to rescission , with Congress providing them that private right of action , with the Highest Court in the Land , ‘ The Supreme Court ” settling the matter in Jesinowski v Countrywide . The Judge has totally disregarded the evidence in these cases , denying preemptive motion to strike any attempt to argue which has already been settled in the highest Court . It seems that theses Judges are acting as a line of defense for the Banks , and it needs to stop ! They need to be brought up on charges !!!!

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