Sorry You Lost Your Home: Americans Deserve More than an Apology for the Foreclosure Fraud Epidemic


Sorry You Lost Your Home: Americans Deserve More than an Apology for the Foreclosure Fraud Epidemic

“I lost my home of 30 years to fraudclosure.”

“I have been fighting this bank for over five years now. I am finally losing everything to their fraud.”

“We feel captive in our own home.”

This is a sampling of what I have awakened to practically every day for the past few months, since my book “Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street’s Great Foreclosure Fraud” came out. Hundreds of people have emailed me, sent me letters, attended my public events, to relate their personal horror stories of foreclosure and dispossession. They come from across America, from different social and economic backgrounds. Some lost everything, and some haven’t given up.

They contact me, a non-lawyer who has only written about and not participated in their struggle, because they have been abandoned, by a government that chose sides against them after the crash of 2008. They seek answers that I mostly don’t have and support I mostly cannot provide. Outside of referring them to legal aid, I cannot solve their foreclosure problems. I cannot convince a judge disinclined to rule in their favor, or a bank disinclined to see them as anything but a financial asset to be plucked, to change their minds. I can only note in sorrow that the massive netting of fraud laid by the mortgage industry over a decade ago continues to capture people like them.

But despite my lack of assistance, they typically express to me their gratitude, for one simple reason: just by giving voice to similar nightmares, I have instilled in them hope that they aren’t utterly alone in their misery, that they haven’t been singled out by a vengeful nation, that somewhere out there they have an ally and a confidant.

I wrote my book for them, for everyone who suffered as a result of the largest consumer fraud in American history and the greatest economic collapse in nearly a century. They shouldn’t be forgotten. In fact, somebody should apologize to them for having to bear the weight of the financial collapse on their shoulders, even while that suffering was exacted through outright fraud. It might as well be me.

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  1. lvent says:

    They’re trying to destroy our independence by TITLE theft.

  2. mike Drouin says:

    This is nothing short of a ” DOMESTIC FINANCIAL TERRORIST ATTACK ” against Homeowners !! Its execution is illegal as hell !!! All aided and abetted by the US Government !!!! The State Authorities have been bought off to stand down , and the Federal Court Judges are the Banksters line of defense !!! Yes !! It’s that bad !!! What our Government allowed was the Investment banking system to use our homes to fuel an Illegal scheme for obscene profits , Table funded by investors . The Mortgages , are the fraud !!! The way they involved every one of us in this scheme , violates the formation of any contract !!! But when a Government is involved in the Confiscation of wealth from the private sector , FOR REDISTRIBUTION , It doesn’t matter how many Laws were violated , or how many civil rights are denied , they will stand behind their fortress of LIES`, violating their oaths of Office , and keep executing their abuse of the American People . The Government Of the People , By the People , For the People no longer exists !!!! This has happened in every civilization in the history of the planet where the rich become the controlling power and oppress the poor until conditions become so bad , the poor revolt !! The Founding Fathers warned us that this would happen ……..

  3. Jo Henrion says:

    There are so many of us it’s heartbreaking. Anybody else out there ready to help me round everybody up and get them to move their savings and checking accounts to a not-for-profit credit union? It’s the laws won’t help us we need to figure out other ways. I’ve been away from the big banks for about 5 years and it’s fun to get a little money deposited into your account each month instead of being billed for the privilege of being at the banksters beck and call. Think about it! They walk into work one morning and all the money’s gone. The 99% may not have much money individually but altogether it would be a sizable statement.

    • Tom says:

      That’s one good idea but I also came up with an idea that could really get results, if people actually had the courage to do it.
      Everyone stock up on supplies that can hold them over for a while and then do a nationwide strike demanding change.
      When you have this much corruption going on and taking over everything, it is time to do something stronger.
      Doing a nationwide strike would bring the country to a halt.
      If they get pissed off about it, tell them to let all the top executives and all the others at the top that are taking all the millions every year for themselves, to do all the work.
      They take 99% of the money, they can do all the work.
      Voting in new politicians doesn’t help either. Votes don’t count in rigged elections.
      They just like to let people think they have a choice, but they don’t.
      And look at our candidates for President? Out of all the millions of people here, this is the best we can do?
      Also, if everyone did remove their money from the TOO BIG TO FAIL, TOO BIG TO JAIL BANKS, the taxpayers would just end up having to bail them out again.
      I just read about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae possibly looking for another bailout of $126 billion because they are going broke again.
      All other businesses when they fail, they fail.
      Banks fail and almost collapse the country and get bailed out to do it all over again.
      And after they got bailed out, they turned around and threw out millions of homeowners to the streets through massive foreclosure fraud.
      Why? Wasn’t their 8 figure bonuses they took from the taxpayers bailout program enough for them? NOT ENOUGH FOR THE SPOILED BRATS THAT ALWAYS GET THEIR WAY!
      Which reminds me about growing up with those rich spoiled brat kids that got everything they wanted, even at the expense of their friends and everyone else around them.
      As long as they got whatever they wanted, it was to hell with everyone else.
      There would never be a nationwide strike though. I have learned that most people will keep their heads buried in the sand and not get involved. As long as it isn’t happening to them, they really don’t care. Or they simply don’t want to believe it, or they don’t think it will ever happen to them, since they are the so-called responsible borrowers!
      But once they get hit by the fraud scams, then they want and expect help, and then they too will find out that there is no help out there. Just more lies!!!
      The country used to be united at one time. Now it has become very divided with the wealthy corrupt against the struggling poor. The middle-class has been systematically wiped out over the years listening to all of their lies and scams.
      If the “We the People” don’t do something soon to end the insanity with the money drunks (money addicts), our grand children or great grand children will be reading the book titled;
      The Rise and Fall of the American Empire! (Where the people forgot the saying; United We Stand, Divided We Fall)
      People either don’t read, or they never learn from past mistakes.
      The cycles continue!
      And it’s like they said; Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
      How many other countries in the past fell after they rose to become so-called superpowers? How many of those countries ended up using and abusing its power against its own citizens that eventually caused their downfall?
      And people think the USA is exempt from falling?
      Currently it looks like the wealthy corrupt are trying to get the honest, hardworking, struggling citizens to start fighting against each other and keep the attention off of them.
      I hope people have enough sense to not fall for that scam too!
      But from the increase in poverty and the increase in violence within the cities, it looks like their plan is working.
      People have been pushed beyond their limits, listened to all the lies, and have fallen into desperation, to where they are just trying to survive.
      The system could be fixed, but it has to start at the top with the money drunks.
      (Or money addicts)
      When you see a CEO from one of the BIG banks on TV talking about raising the wages of their employees to $10 and maybe $15 an hour, while he is earning around $5,300 per hour base pay, I think we know where the corrections need to be made.
      Balance and Boundaries! Without that, the morals and values disappear, along with mutual respect for each other.
      Money is nice to have, but when they start abusing the people around them just to get more of it, the system has failed its citizens.
      It’s beyond me on how anyone could receive satisfaction by ruining other peoples lives, but they are doing it, and their addiction to money blocks any possibility for rational and respectable thinking.
      People better wake up and do something before the GREED and CORRUPTION totally destroy it!

  4. lvent says:

    If WALL STREET BROKERS work so hard exchanging rates & not doing much else the TRADE COMMISSIONERS should have their DAY BOOKS subpoenaed to see where those exchange rate dividends were derived from because quintessentially, that’s the essence of fair trade.

    If those receipts don’t exist that’s FRAUD IN THE ESSENCE of everything the U.S. stands for.

  5. Tom says:

    They owe us all a lot more than just SORRY!
    How about going after those that committed the fraud, remove them from their homes, have them pay restitution to those they swindled out of their homes, followed by very long jail sentences. And then ban them forever from the professions they used and abused for their own personal gains!
    I’ve been told that everything they did was pre-planned to scam as many people out of their homes as they could just to collect on that government forced insurance payouts. PMI/MIP.
    When they refuse to accept payments to either bring your account current, or to pay it off in full, that should tell everyone that it is a huge scam!
    When you find your locks changed on your home, WITHOUT A COURT ORDER, thousands of dollars worth of personal property missing, and the foreclosure isn’t finished yet, that should tell you it’s a scam.
    When that theft is reported to the police and they don’t do anything about it, that should tell you it’s a scam.
    When you have Court Recorders providing people with documents that people normally don’t see, but the documents prove the fraud, and still nothing is done to stop it, that should tell you it’s a scam.
    When you have the judge that had your case in his courtroom call you from his cell phone wondering why everyone was filing complaints against him, and still nothing done about that, that should tell you it’s a scam.
    Isn’t it against the law for a judge to contact anyone that has a case in his courtroom?
    Apparently not! They are above all laws, along with their lawyers, bankster buddies, and politicians, so they fear no investigation or prosecution while they systematically financially rape their own citizens!
    If they do get caught, they pay a fine and go right back to what they were doing before because there never is any jail time involved for the crimes they commit.
    I’ve had people tell me that their actions with the fraudclosures are now considered as treasonous and acts of domestic terrorism.
    As more and more people wake up to the abuse and fraud committed by the so-called legal system working with, and protecting the thieves, things are going to get worse over time!
    Plus, the first round of fraudclosures worked out so great for them, they are back at it again in full force. I have read that they have even streamlined the process to get people out of their homes a lot faster now, so they basically won’t know what hit them.
    Where do people that have suffered from this scam go to receive justice when the courts are in on the scam?
    That’s why I tell people that if they get targeted for the fraudclosure scam, they might as well move because there is no way they will save their homes.
    Nothing will change until they remove that force placed insurance scam, (PMI/MIP the motivating factor for the massive theft), and prosecute the people that have violated their oaths and lock them up in jail.
    Until then, good luck on fighting it! When your own money is no good in saving your home, you will lose!!!
    The wealthy corrupt want it all, and they will get it all, as it has been proven.
    Fake documents, forged signatures, failure in notifying people about upcoming court dates, document tampering before and after the fact (even though that is a Class 4 Felony), fake loan transfers, loan modification program as a delay tactic until they could fit their victims into their courtroom schedule, and so on and so on.
    I also tell people that are now going through it to bring cameras in the courtroom, and to their lawyers offices, and video record everything.
    You CAN’T trust any of them!!! GET IT ALL ON TAPE!
    If that isn’t allowed, that should prove that they are being scammed.
    Something has to be done that protects the homeowners, since the courts aren’t willing to do their jobs right!
    Do I sound pissed off? You bet I am!
    Along with millions of other American’s that got financially raped by this scam!

  6. Tim Allen says:

    The sane here….all started in 2007 when looking for a refinance to keep my son at VT. Went from a good local bank to a MERS scam starting w a broker using a fake name of Robert Rodriguez who was nowhere to be found after he convinced me this was what everyone was doing for quick college monies. Then he said he would rewrite it back to a fixed rate. I grew up in day when brokers were professionals….learned that lesson. Anyways felt captive in our home also…my side finally divorced me over it all and hasn’t forgiven me for losing the home. I’m guessing the fake identify from Deutsche Bank who answer a phone call to a number I was given from the fake broker. His name was Reynaldo Reyes.My loan went from hOme Credit Corp….to IndyMac feds shut down how convenient for Obama’s friend George Soros who received my mortgage at his shit bank One West Bank….never anyone to give answers….sat for 5 years….then, went to Ocwen Bank who is now foreclosing…..and claiming amounts that are astronomical. Broken promises fraud galore…..Ocwen is servicer for Deutsche Bank Trust 2007 fix3…… whole lives savings as a corrections went into this property

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