The American Dream Plunges to Record Low


The American Dream Plunges to Record Low

Consequence of turning “home” into a financialized “asset class.”

Something happened on the way when the concept of “home” transmogrified to a financialized “asset class” whose price the government, the Fed, and the industry conspire to inflate into the blue sky, no matter what the consequences. And here are the consequences.

The Census Bureau, which has been tracking homeownership rates in its data series going back to 1965 on a non-seasonally adjusted basis, just reported that in the second quarter 2016, the homeownership rate dropped to 62.9%, the lowest point on record.

It matches the low point in Q1 and Q2 of 1965 when the data series began. At no time in between did it ever fall this low. And it was down half a percentage point from 63.4% a year ago.

The relentless slide has lasted for 12 years, from its peak of 69.2% in Q4 2004, which was when the Greenspan Fed’s low interest rates were boosting speculation in the housing sector, and prices were going haywire. At the time, the concept of “home” had already become an asset class that can never lose money, financialized and later shorted by Wall Street, subsidized by government agencies, and backstopped by the Fed.

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    The video I posted previously may seem controversial but FC is nothing but controversy over our legal rights to our TITLES.

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    I’m going to repost that link to PASTOR MANNING RESPONDS TO FC THREAT:

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    When someone’s religious beliefs go into FC that’s tyranny by dictators who don’t want no one to have none.


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