Foreclosure Victim Story: The Banks are Persecuting Her

Most feedback I receive from readers is positive, but occasionally someone with an opposing point of view has an emotional reaction and writes me to correct my many misconceptions.

I recently ran the post, Responsible homeowners did not lose their homes in foreclosure. In that post I made the case that most foreclosures were caused by overborrowing rather than unemployment or other unforeseeable events. Not everyone agrees with my view of the world, and one reader in particular was incensed enough to write me about it.

As with most victim rants, this one points to everyone and everything else to blame for their outcome in life. This woman blames the banks, insurance companies, even the weather for her misfortune. Nowhere is any mention of the decisions she made as a potential cause of her misfortune.

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2 Responses to “Foreclosure Victim Story: The Banks are Persecuting Her”
  1. mike Drouin says:

    The women is a victim of an illegal scheme and the Bank is adding insult to injury !!!! Most people still don’t know what happened to them ! We were all victims of SHADOW BANKING ! A Fraudulently concealed contract we were involved in funded by a totally different entity other than the one who claims to be the lender in the Bogus Mortgage Contract !!! Yes , but what about the Mortgage documents , and monthly statements and payments ??? ALL A LIE !!! When you sent your monthly payment to your alleged mortgage lender , it didn’t go to them to pay down a Mortgage debt , it went through them to fund the illegal contract taking place between the Shadow Bank and the Investors . Your alleged lender took a FEE for servicing the income stream created by the Fraudulently concealed contract taking place behind your back and without your permission !!! Because of the way this is executed , the bogus Mortgage contract is subject to Rescission under the Truth in Lending Act ( TILA ) How they are getting away with this THEFT is they are hiding what is really taking place !!!

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