Q&A: How Mortgage Lenders Broke the Law and Got Away With It


Q&A: How Mortgage Lenders Broke the Law and Got Away With It

5 Responses to “Q&A: How Mortgage Lenders Broke the Law and Got Away With It”
  1. lvent says:

    They’re more than corrupt because corrupt means they sold out.

    These crooks were bought out to hide they’re FRAUD FOR PROFIT RACKETEERING so they’re mobsters & nothing else.

  2. mike Drouin says:

    Even though your pointing out that crimes were and are being committed , your giving way too much credibility to those in Power , Who know full well what just took place !!! This is nothing short of wealth confiscation from the private sector allowing our homes to be stolen for REDISTRIBUTION !!! Facts are the Facts and the truth is out which they are desperately trying to hide with their Lies !!! Our system of Government and Financial markets are corrupt as hell and how they are getting away with this crime is because people don’t want to believe it’s that bad , but it is !!!!

  3. lvent says:

    The kgb/russian mob think they can unlawfully swap out our TITLES by TITLE FRAUD because they conquered the WHITE HO– USE & that’s SECURITIES FRAUD by their perps to hide they’re unlawfully TRADING WITH THE ENEMY by HUMAN TRAFFICKING that is FRAUD FOR PROFIT by RACKETEERING with IDENTITY THEFT.

    MIKHAIL KRYZHANOVSKI says the kgb rules USA –


  4. lvent says:

    There’s 5 – count ’em – 5 PARTIAL GRANT DEEDS which convey nothing that ARONBERG, GOLGEHN & GARMISA thought they would sneak in later during their unlawful FC dispute over my business property TITLE that FIRST MIDWEST BANK unlawfully CROSS-COLLATERALIZED with my house without me knowing it.

    That’s DOUBLE JEOPARDY & they’re violating the 5th AMENDMENT TAKINGS CLA– USE of the U.S. CONSTITUTION by bringing 2 INFAMOUS SUITS upon me unlawfully that have no legal basis because of STOCK & BOND EXCHANGE RATE FRAUD.

    That’s CRIMINAL ENTRAPMENT by the investors in their own FRAUD by PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY their DERIVATIVES FRAUD tanked when they charged off their SECURITIES FRAUD with no criminal investigations regarding why they never had the proof of why they did that.

    They won’t say what they were fraudulently invested in which is very suspicious..

  5. lvent says:

    The U.S. STATES ATTORNEY should SUBPOENA the U.S. SUPREME COURT JUSTICES regarding why they’re behaving like DICTATORS.

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