Subprime Auto Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Subprime Auto Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Auto lenders can steer vulnerable people into crushing debt. Keegan-Michael Key and Bob Balaban help John Oliver show exactly how.

Be sure to watch til the end…


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  1. lvent says:

    Moreover, they’re trying to force us into their FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED numbers system that has been FRAUDULENT since its inception because their intent has been human enslavement to STOCK & BOND FRAUD.

  2. lvent says:

    The FRAUD INVESTORS who have FALSE IMPRISONED me for over 2 years not including the 2 FC’s I was forced to defend myself, PRO SE, for the past 5 years have used many strongarm tactics to try & hide their crimes because they stole my social# 341-66-6688 by IDENTITY THEFT .

    They do what they want while I’m being held captive to their SECURITIES FRAUD crime spree that includes they’re trying to steal my principal residence on 14867 LANDINGS LANE & everything in it right from under me & the terrorism by them doesn’t end there.

    They’re TITLE FRAUD IDENTITY THIEVES & the fact no one has criminally investigated this crime scene speaks volumes on the complete CORRUPTION by those in office & many others who want to shut up their victims by FORCED COERCION.

  3. lvent says:

    Was there CRIMINAL INTENT to unlawfully criminally undermine our legal rights by subletting INVESTOR PREMIUMS to their confidants?

    Most certainly because no one could have known they were stealing from themselves to steal from WE THE PEOPLE & what they’re hiding is IDENTITY THEFT because no one’s social # is ever declassified so they’re like FILL IN THE,BLANK NOTES the CRIMINAL ELEMENT keeps drawing upon.

    The investors in their own fraud stole my social # 341-66-6698 by IDENTITY THEFT & the cover up for that is FALSE IMPRISONMENT.

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